July 1, 2020


Oregon: The State with the Original Advanced Chiropractic Scope of Practice


Scoliosis Made Me Stronger


Top Strategies for a Winning Clinic Acquisition


Oregon: The State with the Original Advanced Chiropractic Scope of Practice

Following D. D. Palmer’s relocation from Iowa to Oregon, he postulated his novel concept that the three-legged stool of chiropractic included minor surgery, adjustments, and obstetrics. His notion may well have influenced the framework of regulatory statutes favoring a broad scope of practice for Oregon’s chiropractic physicians.


Scoliosis Made Me Stronger

Fashion Model and Health Coach Marlaina Pate shares her journey of living with scoliosis.


Top Strategies for a Winning Clinic Acquisition

Buying a clinic is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. The clinic you buy may decide where you live, or where you raise a family. The purchase will make a massive impact on your financial future as the trajectory of a profitable clinic can change your life for years to come.


Swayback Posture and Therapy

The term “swayback” refers to a flattened low lumbar area. The concave curve of the lower spine is much higher and in the lower thoracic spine; the pelvis is tilted posteriorly; the plumb line of the greater trochanter is anterior to the lateral malleolus, revealing the hips and pelvis swayed forward in the sagittal plane (Kendall 2005); and the rib cage is swayed backward in the sagittal plane (Sahrmann 2002).


Stress Screening Evaluation The Heart and Blood Vessels

I have described in this series of articles the specific physiological steps the body uses in response to any stress; be it structural, visceral, or emotional. This month, we look at the wonders of the circulatory system. Describing its multiple functions is not possible in this article.


Occupational Medicine: Why Should DCs Do It?

My story with occupational medicine unfolded like this. As I started to practice in 1989, some of my patients were truck drivers, and they brought in a form for me to complete. It was a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical form, and it listed “chiropractor” as an eligible provider, so I did the exam and was paid.


Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is a common knee injury we all have seen in our offices. ITBS is usually the result of many factors: • Poor arch support from your feet. • Spending long periods sitting in lotus posture in yoga, especially beginners forcing the feet onto the top of the thighs.



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From the Director's Desk

It’s summertime! Time to put on the new swimsuit, and get out and enjoy your summer fun. Unfortunately, this can cause distress in many that contemplate the idea, as their body image and the pressure to have the ideal physical appearance is sometimes too great to bear.

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