April 1, 2020


All Roads Lead to Disc


Low Back Pain, Revisited


The Biomechanical Cause of Lumbar Disc Herniation


All Roads Lead to Disc

If you're currently referring patients to surgeons or seeing patients suffering after undergoing surgery, Drs. Eric Kaplan and Perry Bard of Concierge Coaches and DISC Centers of America encourage you to try Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (NSSD) to solve your patient's unresolved back problems before (and even after) surgery.


Low Back Pain, Revisited

It’s been referred to as the scourge of modern man. The age-old affliction of low back pain has likely been with us since we achieved the upright posture. Over the millennia, healers and practitioners of all stripes have grappled with this challenging condition—stretching, pummeling, cracking, and even hacking to alleviate the pain and discomfort of this often debilitating condition.


The Biomechanical Cause of Lumbar Disc Herniation

During normal anatomical standing with balanced weight bearing, the spine should not be laterally flexed or rotated. The sacral apex should be neutral, evenly spaced between the right and left ischia. The height of the ilia should be even with no rotation.


Succeeding in the International World

After graduating from Life University in 1997, I decided to locum and work from home in order to care for our two daughters while my husband completed medical school and his family practice residency in New Jersey. We had always planned to return to his home, the beautiful island of Bermuda, but there was much trepidation about whether I would be able to resume full-time practice and appropriately care for patients.


Cold Laser

I have been experimenting with the Multi Radiance MR4 Super Pulsed Laser (Class 1B) in my practice and I find that it compliments other therapies I use every day, such as Class 3B lasers, Class 4 lasers, shock wave, fascial manipulation, movement therapy, and the use of topicals such as CBD.


Point Of Impact

If you’ve ever watched a sporting contest, you’ll notice that there are nearly as many functional styles as there are athletes on the court or field. From size, genetics, disabilities and injury history, each athlete develops their own “style of function”.


I Was Investigated and This Is What I Learned

Many years ago, I was reported to my state licensing board by another chiropractor who did not like what I was teaching. It turns out that it’s not uncommon to be reported by another chiropractor. The chiropractor thought it was unethical for me to teach chiropractors how to increase cash collections and patient retention.


What Are You Doing to Help Our Aging Population?

The United States Census Bureau’s estimates project that 78 million people will be over the age of 65 by 2035, while 76.7 million will be 18 or younger. (Meola, 2019) Although the rising cost of health care is a concern, so is the realization that we are facing a provider shortage in our country.


The Liver Part II

Last month, we looked at how difficult it can be to recognize the early signs of liver involvement and focused on issues that we can use to educate our patients about the liver. This month, we discuss the liver’s direct involvement in the body’s “fight-or-flight” response.



Vitamin C Saves Wuhan Family from COVID-19 By Richard Cheng, M.D., Ph.D. Ms. N lives in Wuhan, China. She takes special care about the well-being of her entire family including her chronically-ill mother, aged 71. Ms. N has always been interested in nutrition and she recently learned about vitamin C’s antiviral effects.

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