September 1, 2019


Chiropractic Co-Management of Pre and Post Surgical Spine Cases


Determining the Course of Chiropractic's Destiny:


Developing an Exercise Program for Healthy Aging


Chiropractic Co-Management of Pre and Post Surgical Spine Cases

When a patient presents in a chiropractic office and has clinical signs of either radiculopathy (nerve root compression) at the neural canal or central canal regions or any myelopathic findings (cord compression with ensuing neurological deficit distal to the level of the lesion), immediate referral for an MRI should be considered.


Determining the Course of Chiropractic's Destiny:

Idaho’s Experience with an Advanced Scope of Practice


Developing an Exercise Program for Healthy Aging

Developing a healthy lifestyle is important for healthy aging. The choices we make today will affect our health, capacity to function, and ability to enjoy our lives as we age. While there are many aspects of a healthy lifestyle (not smoking cigarettes, having a healthy weight, limiting alcohol intake, partaking in a healthy diet and lifestyle, etc.) this article will focus on one of the most important of these, exercise. 1


The Thermodynamic Subluxation

Would it surprise you to learn that chiropractors and ecologists use some of the same tools in their work? Both are able to utilize thermography as a measure of the health and functional status of the systems they work with. The biggest difference between the two applications is that one uses a scanner mounted under an airplane to measure forests and fields, whereas the other uses a handheld scanner to measure the human body.


The Ins and Outs of Biohacking

The mindset of a biohacker is to create a youthful future for a lifetime. Biohacking uses the latest proven science-based tips, ancestral living, technology, and healthy strategies to boost energy and performance, enhance brain function, maximize sleep, and slow aging.


Anchor Your Patients by Focusing on the Gut

If you’ve ever gotten hooked on visiting and making purchases at a favorite business — restaurant, tanning salon, local market — you’ve experienced what experts call an “anchoring effect.” Basically, anchoring is the effect that someone experiences when they have a positive experience in a certain setting, and the brain triggers a release of endorphins associated with that place.1,2


The Gallbladder

This series of articles deals with the common symptoms and underlying problems caused by “stress” and the importance of understanding its many ramifications. Simply stated, stress occurs any time the body has insufficient energy to meet the three essential demands placed on it, namely:


Visual Indicators in a Digital World

In our ever-changing world, new technology appears every day. We’re often overwhelmed with the latest and greatest innovation. It’s certainly helpful, but let’s not forget to use one of the basics when examining patients—our eyes. It sounds so simplistic and rudimentary, but our eyes can tell us so much.



The last two of five defendants recently pleaded guilty, a year after their federal indictment for what prosecutors have described as a “widespread,” six-year, $80 million health insurance-fraud scheme driven by “greed.” All operated the former Dolson Avenue Medical clinic, a large, long-standing, multi-specialty orthopedic practice in Middletown.


From the Director's Desk

Have you heard about bio-hacking? The idea that you can gain an edge on everyone else by maxing-out your inherent potential by acquiring certain daily habits or even including certain super foods and supplements? Well, that’s precisely what Jeff Tucker, DC, DACRB has written about this month, as he brings Part 2 of “The Ins and Outs of Biohacking” beginning on page 22.

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