December 2, 2017

The Best Payment Options for Your Patients

The Importance of Sleep

Clinical Corner: Cervical Radiculopathy


The Best Payment Options for Your Patients

In my last article, "How to Do a Proper Financial Report of Findings," I outlined three payment options when reviewing the financial plan with the patient. Here is a short recap of the scripting I used in that article. "Mary, we can take that total you see here and you have three choices for how to pay.


The Importance of Sleep

A Good Night’s Rest Will Improve the Performance of Your Entire Clinic


Clinical Corner: Cervical Radiculopathy

The infamous pinched nerve a patient feels and presents to the office with is typically prefaced by the patient saying his or her neck and arm are numb, tingling, weak, and/or painful. The patient may describe the pain as dull, burning, sharp, or stabbing.


Restoring Digestion

We have come to understand that being healthy is defined as not having symptoms. However, the truth is that health is dependent on being structurally aligned, nutritionally balanced, and managing our emotional stress well. When our stress levels are high or we do not deal with them properly, our body becomes out of balance.


Tracy's Tips

Happy Holidays, valued CA! Wow! This is such an exciting time, as you’re wrapping things up at the end of the year, and deciding what you need to do to improve your performance for next year! This issue of THE CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT has many valuable and timely tips for improving your performance to finish up the year in a good place, and have a record year next year!

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