August 1, 2017


A Chiropractor’s View on the Link between Soft-tissue Stretches and Overall Well-being

Overactive Bladder Article

Colostrum: the Natural Way to Achieve Lasting Pain Relief


A Chiropractor’s View on the Link between Soft-tissue Stretches and Overall Well-being

Soft-tissue issues are a common ailment for many patients coming to your clinic every day. You also may experience some of the discomfort attributed to sitting for long hours at work. In light of this rampant epidemic as the workforce continues to require that we sit and focus for longer stretches of time, we felt a sense of duty to guide you toward a better understanding of soft tissue to help you influence the well-being of not only your patients but also yourself.


Overactive Bladder Article

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a symptom complex that has become very common. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked since most patients who have problems in that area do not mention them to their doctors until they become advanced. The term “overactive bladder” is usually used to group together many different symptoms your patient may be experiencing, but we should seek clarification of these symptoms as follows:


Colostrum: the Natural Way to Achieve Lasting Pain Relief

Millions of Americans treat their chronic pain with over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription pain medications, yet few realize that they’re actually doing more harm than good to their bodies. These drugs offer temporary relief but do nothing to halt the progression of tissue damage.


Walking the Path to Proof

The latest edition of the medical journal, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, features a chiropractic study that offers the most conclusive evidence yet that foot orthotics, specifically Foot Levelers custom orthotics, help patients with chronic lower back pain and dysfunction.1


How You Can Build a Thriving Referral Practice

Iwas recently treating a patient who had significant health challenges from a life-altering injury that threatened to end her career. Specialist after specialist had been unable to provide answers, or had told her she would have to live with her condition.


The Value of Chiropractic

We know that price is important to our patients. Most of the calls coming into our office start with, “How much does it cost to see the doctor?” At a time when our profession is under increased scrutiny over being compliant and patients are demanding more access to affordable care, it often leaves us wondering what we should be charging for our services.


John LaMonica, DC on Healthcare, and CA Certification

Interview with Immediate Past President of COCSA, John LaMonica, DC


Medically Integrating Your Practice: Answering the Big Questions

You are absolutely and unequivocally sold on chiropractic medicine. So am I. I have been in chiropractic for more than 25 years and I have treated thousands of patients. I simply love helping people. Restoring people to good health is a calling in life.


Six Ways to Revolutionize Your Workday

It’s widely known that habits can be hard to break, however most of us don’t realize how drastically our day-today work-life habits impact us. Dependmg on the nature of your work, you may be up and active during the day, but the majority of people spend most of the day sitting at a desk, sometimes for 7 or more hours.


Walking Posture

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