June 1, 2017


The Mechanism of the Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment/Manipulation:


MASS Theory, Postural Foot Biomechanics Model


A Look into the $35-billion Fitness Industry


The Mechanism of the Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment/Manipulation:

Ligaments and the Bio-Neuro-Mechanical Component


MASS Theory, Postural Foot Biomechanics Model

Maximal arch supination stabilization (MASS) posture is the all-axis model of foot biomechanics. The foot is a machine with a tented structure. The foot experiences intermittent compression between the downward force of the body and the ground, which, in our society, is often a rigid surface like concrete or steel.


A Look into the $35-billion Fitness Industry

Imagine that. More than $35 billion spent annually on fitness, and it is said that Americans are getting in worse shape each year. As doctors of chiropractic, we certainly have the knowledge to help our patients. We do it through discussions about nutrition, diet, and exercise, but maybe the focus should be on lifestyle changes.


Should You Outsource Your Billing?

There is an increasing trend in the healthcare industry of outsourcing clinic billing operations to third-party medical billing companies or billing services. Some of the leading medical consulting companies in the country estimate that 90% of small or solo medical practices will outsource their billing within the next three to five years.1


Coherence: A Revolutionary Way to Approach Human Health

As chiropractors know better than anyone else that the brain communicates through the spinal cord and the vast network of the nervous system to control every function the body performs. From musculoskeletal health, control, and function to immune system regulation, the entire body depends on the brain as the central organizing and regulating system.


Critical Thinking in Ketogenic Application

There is a definitive weight-loss movement slowly creeping its way across the country, gradually making a comeback in the consciousness of consumers, and ever so slightly creating a large patient base for the natural healthcare provider— the ketogenic lifestyle.


Codeine: Time to Say “No”

Various organizations and regulatory bodies, including the World Health Organization, the US Food and Drug Administration, and the European Medicines Agency, have promulgated stern warnings regarding the occurrence of adverse effects of codeine in children.


Improve Your Golf Swing with Orthotics and Exercise

Research studies confirm the importance of postural balance for effective biomechanical results. In a study on the effects of orthotic intervention on balance and proprioception among experienced golfers, data suggested a relationship between exercise and changes in standing balance and proprioception.


The Pelvic Imperative

All chiropractic techniques must comply with the laws of physics and principles of biomechanical engineering in order to make successful spinal corrections. Just as a strong and level foundation is an absolute requirement for the structural and functional integrity of any building, a strong and balanced pelvis is necessary to provide a stable foundation for biped man walking upright against the force of gravity.


Help Your Patients Manage their Insomnia

You most likely have patients who are among the millions of people who have trouble falling and/ or staying asleep. You can help your patients with this condition not only because of your chiropractic treatments but also nutritionally. Insomnia is often caused by stress, anxiety, caffeine, or overstimulation before bed, but there is another very common cause that few people even think to consider—nutritional deficiency.

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