November 1, 2016


Complimenting Antibiotics with Probiotics: Your Essential Guide


Chiropractic Outcomes on Fragmented/Sequestered and Extruded Herniated Discs and Radicular Pain


To "D" or Not To "D"


Complimenting Antibiotics with Probiotics: Your Essential Guide

Antibiotics revolutionized twentieth-century medicine and have continued to be embraced as powerful allies in our modem existence. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they are some of the most prescribed drugs in the world.1 They are responsible for saving countless lives, yet their vast and frequently indiscriminate use, combined with a deficit of new antibiotics,2 has led to the current global health threat of antibiotic resistance.3


Chiropractic Outcomes on Fragmented/Sequestered and Extruded Herniated Discs and Radicular Pain

Disc herniations are a common diagnostic entity in chiropractic practices with varied etiologies, including auto accidents, sports injuries, slips and falls, or any other type of trauma that can result in a tear in the intervertebral disc.


To "D" or Not To "D"

Vitamin D has emerged as something of a miracle supplement in recent years with hundreds of research studies suggesting that it may be useful in preventing conditions such as osteoporosis, autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and much more.


Sarcopenia— Out of the Duff Zone into the Buff Zone

As baby boomers embrace their golden years, sarcopenia, or age-related muscle and strength loss, is a monumental issue. Not because older people wish to look buff and fit (certainly they do), but because muscle metabolism is a prune factor in every key aspect of health.


Repairing Soft-Tissue Damage with Some Common Herbs

Proper chiropractic manipulation can collect problems of use. Massage can release residual trauma and support proper muscle balance. However, often with repetitive-use injuries and strains or sprains, the ligaments and tendons need help too.


Nine Reasons to Lose Weight That Have Nothing to Do with Fitting into Your Skinny Jeans

We talk a lot about the importance of reaching a goal weight and how to stay motivated. Sometimes, though, it still seems like a laborious task. If you’re carrying extra weight, you probably already know there are a myriad of health-related reasons to slim down.


Plantar Fasciitis

The classic presentation of a patient with plantar fasciitis is with “a sharp heel pain that radiates along the bottom of the inside of the foot. The pain is often worse when getting out of bed in the morning. This can occur with runners or other athletes who repetitively land on the foot.


Are Your Supplements as Safe or Effective as You Think?

Over a century ago, D. D. Palmer identified three causes of subluxation—trauma, toxins, and thoughts—giving rise to the chiropractic profession as we know it today. As a chiropractor who has been trained in this tradition, you probably preform dozens of adjustments each week to help patients heal from trauma.


A Functional Medicine Approach to Chronic Illness

Functional medicine is becoming more popular in the chiropractic profession as more patients are searching for answers to their chronic health problems. When the conventional medical approach fails, consumers look to alternative medicine practitioners to help them get well.


A Natural Approach to Cancer

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