August 1, 2016

From the Director's Desk



“Don’t Panic Just Yet” Normal Development of the Pediatric Foot and Lower Extremities


From the Director's Desk

Welcome to the August 2016 issue of The American Chiropractor Magazine. This issue, we are featuring natural and complementary approaches to pain management. If you are in active practice, your patients may be suffering from a wide variety of ailments, and most involve some form of pain.



The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has launched a major grassroots campaign to enact federal legislation that would allow doctors of chiropractic (DC) to perform to the fullest scope of their license in Medicare. This initiative would significantly improve the health and wellness of our nation's aging population — and your support is urgently needed.


“Don’t Panic Just Yet” Normal Development of the Pediatric Foot and Lower Extremities

One day, just after I turned five, I was playing in the front yard with my mother watching over me. While there, our neighbor Mrs. Henry, came over to visit. Mom and Mrs. Henry struck up a conversation, and as they talked, I became aware of Mrs. Henry watching me.


Dr. Welby Goes Breaking Bad

Once again, the unrelenting campaign by Big Pharma to drug Americans at any cost and any consequence for big profits has come to light as more dangerous and pervasive than anyone realizes. Time magazine finally revealed in its June 4, 2015, cover story by Massimo Calabresi, “The Price We Pay for Relief:


Decompression Therapy: Avoiding Patient Misapplication

Fortunately, as chiropractors, the interventions most of us use on a daily basis are considered relatively risk-free— i.e., death or severe disability is very unlikely. That’s not to minimize the occasional negative outcomes that can occur and foster some loss of confidence for both the doctor and the patient.


Age-Dating Disc Injury: Herniations and Bulges

When considering disc pathology, one of the most asked questions is: How do you determine causality and age-date the lesion? Medical literature has purposefully dodged answering this type of question to apparently avoid any appearance of pandering to the medical-legal community.


Pain-Free PI-The Three Best Reasons for Launching Your Injury Practice Now

Over the years, I’ve spoken with a lot of chiropractors, and it’s amazing how the same topic keeps coming up. They say, “Keith, I want to get out of health insurance. I’d like to build up the cash, and maybe the PI component of my practice. But I only want to take on injury cases if I can find a simple way to do it, without fear.”


What a Pain in the Neck!

Shedding Some “Light” on Persistent Neck Pain


Topical Analgesics Are about to Make a Radical Change

Thirty years ago, you’d take an aspirin if you had a headache, right? If you take an aspirin today, it’s because you think you’re having a heart attack! What happened? The short story is that ibuprofen hit the market in 1984, followed by naproxen, and just like that, aspirin had to reinvent itself.


Integrated Practice Provider Collaboration

The term “integrated practice” has been a buzzword for much of the past decade. Most opinion papers and news articles on the future of healthcare delivery promote some form of practice collaboration among professionals of different disciplines.

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