July 1, 2016

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Why Consider Decompression Therapy?


From the Director’s Desk

The effect that a mild traumatic brain injury(mTBI) can have on health has yet to be completely understood. As more data is collected, more information can be shared, but it is well known that the early diagnosis of a concussion helps enhance total recovery.


What's Hot

TULSA, Oklahoma — Infinedi, LLC, a national claims clearinghouse has announced the integration with ECLIPSE, a practice management software. “We are very excited about this integration,” said Brad Cost, president and CEO of Infinedi.


Why Consider Decompression Therapy?

Though clinical surveys suggest only a third of DCs use decompression in their offices, they are often highly visible in terms of market presence. “Have it or compete against it” has been a well-worn phrase when promoting decompression, and it remains more true than false today.


The Enzyme Advantage for Women

The following is an excerpt from The Enzyme Advantage for Women, a newly published book about the groundbreaking yet common-sense power of enzymes and nutrition in women’s health. This book offers the “clinical gems” of Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr., based on decades of clinical experience restoring women’s health.


Orthotics for Women

Women and men are different in structure and biomechanics. This statement, hopefully, doesn’t require a footnote to support its accuracy. Women’s feet are just like the rest of their musculoskeletal system, but they are, in fact, among the most different of the structures.


Concussion: Diagnosis-Testing-Chiropractic

Concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), has been a poorly understood condition known to most healthcare providers as something difficult to objectify and manage. It is understandable since historically there has been no definitive testing available to conclude an accurate diagnosis in a region that is imaging dependent.


A Question of Balance

The Moody Blues had it right! It really is about balance, and this pertains to how both the body and the chiropractic profession stay healthy. The Body The job of “innate intelligence” in the body is all about survival value. In the past, we have talked about homeostasis, which is about balance within the systems.


How to Help Your Patients Through a Healing Crisis

As a chiropractor, you probably know that you can’t always provide the best possible results if a patient isn’t eating a healthy diet. You can do a lot, but you can’t force a patient into a state of optimal health if they’re not giving their body the right resources.


Dr. Troy Van Biezen

he American Chiropractor (TAC) had the privilege to interview one of the most outstanding sports chiropractors of our day, (TVB) Dr. Troy Van Biezen. Dr. Van Biezen has treated various elite athletes, specifically golfers that have gone on to be champions.


Using a Blood Test to Determine the Right Nutrition for Your Patients

Over the last four decades, I have seen many diets come into vogue and go out of fashion just as quickly. I have seen the high-fat, low-carb craze, and the high-carb/low-fat/no-fat craze. I have seen patients who do well on one nutritional program or diet and other patients who become sick on the same diet.

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