June 1, 2016

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ChiroTouch Launches New SmartCloud Front Desk Module Aimed at Increasing Practice Efficiency


From the Director's Desk

The science of drug free approaches to health and healing is maturing, and with that coming of age, comes greater acceptance of interventions that were once labeled investigative, or lacking scientific evidence. One of those models, Functional Medicine, still has yet to gain acceptance for payment of services through most insurance companies.

What’s Hot


OmegaBrite was first formulated by Dr. Locke in 1998 while on faculty at Harvard Medical School. OmegaBrite is the leading provider of omega-3 and nutritional supplements based on the scientific evidence of efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids for improving cardiac health, emotional well-being, joint comfort, and overall health.


ChiroTouch Launches New SmartCloud Front Desk Module Aimed at Increasing Practice Efficiency

San Diego, CA— ChiroTouch is pleased to announce the launch of its new SmartCloud Front Desk module, the latest innovation in ChiroTouch’s commitment to helping chiropractors simplify their practices and increase efficiency. “This new module is intuitive and convenient—just what every chiropractor needs to run an efficient practice,” said Robert Moberg, CEO of ChiroTouch.


Nutrition-Based Treatments for the Chiropractic Clinic

More than a hundred years ago, D. D. Palmer identified trauma and toxins as two major causes of subluxation. He taught that the nervous system is the communication network between the brain and body, and that anything that interrupted the flow of communication over this network—whether a traumatic injury or exposure to toxic substances—would result in ill health.


Bulging Discs and Trauma: Causality and a Risk Factor

Bulging discs historically have been called bulges, ruptures, collapsed, pinched nerves, protrusions, slipped discs, prolapsed discs, and a myriad of other names to describe what is a very simple and common finding. In the past, many have reserved the designation of “bulging disc” as an explanation of nonspecific back pain, thereby labeling bulging discs as a category for all disc pathology when creating a plausible diagnosis in the absence of a concrete diagnosis or a full understanding of contemporary nomenclature.


The Rise of Functional Medicine

In the field of functional medicine, Dr. Ronald Grisanti is a well-respected doctor who is considered a pioneer in online education. He is the clinical director/CEO of Greenville Chiropractic, founder and medical director of Functional Medicine University, and creator of FMFogics™.


Effective Dosage Utilizing a Therapeutic Laser

We are asked regularly about what is critical for successful laser therapy treatments. Number one is having a laser with a wavelength, measured in nanometers (nm), which is within the therapeutic window. Wavelengths from approximately 600 nm to 1,200 nm will allow the absorption of photons of energy for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through a series of photobiomodulation processes in the mitochondria’s electron transport system.


Initial Visit Productivity

New patients are the lifeblood of most chiropractic practices. In turn, a patient’s first two visits are of the utmost importance because the evaluation and report of findings occur during these visits. Most doctors render thorough examinations for the techniques they use, and most provide effective reports of findings.


Creating Balance within Ourselves

Chiropractors strive to achieve balance. Creating internal balance is a guiding principle of chiropractic. It is how we encourage health and healing. By removing nerve interference, we help to restore and promote harmony within our patients, which establishes an all-important sense of physical strength and wellbeing.


Fear: The Silent Practice Killer

Most everyone has heard the acrostic for FEAR: False Evidence Appealing Real. And today there seems to be a lot of False Evidence Appearing Real. Maybe you’ve experienced some FEAR about the economy, the ICD-10 codes, electronic record keeping, insurance reimbursement, student loan debt or simply the weather.

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