March 2, 2016

Tracy's Tips

Is Your Diet Causing Chronic Inflammation?

If the Doc Goes Down, Do I Go Down Too?


Tracy's Tips

Summer is a great time to evaluate your performance on the job, and see how you can improve for the rest of the year! This issue has some really revitalizing articles to improve your chiropractic assistant skills! For instance, in Dr. Laurie Mueller's article on pg 12, you will learn how to best talk with your patients and answer all of their questions!


Is Your Diet Causing Chronic Inflammation?

In the twenty-first century, it has become common knowledge that chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, and others, are linked to chronic inflammation. This information even made it onto the cover of Time magazine in February 2004.


If the Doc Goes Down, Do I Go Down Too?

Let's say you're a CA in a practice that's under review, under audit, or, at the extreme end of the spectrum, under federal investigation. The doctor may have been unknowingly engaging in red-flag behavior, such as undercoding, overcoding, or submitting error-riddled documentation.


“Can Your Office Help Me With...?”

As we know, CAs are the very first contact that most patients have at the office. Most often, this occurs via telephone when patients are trying to find the "right place" to make an appointment. Obviously, CAs should be welcoming and friendly.


Continuing Education for the Chiropractic Assistant

When you think about continuing education, what comes to mind? If you're like most chiropractic assistants, you probably think about the hours your boss—the chiropractor—must put in every year to keep his or her license up to date. If this is what you're familiar with, you might not realize that continuing education is available to chiropractic assistants too!


Five No-Brainer Tactics to Spark Conversions from Social Media

Are you desperate for ideas when it comes to branding your practice on social media? Have you ever reached a point where there are so many things to talk about that you aren't sure which topic to choose? Maybe nothing seems to spark an interest or every idea seems lame!

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