February 1, 2016


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Call for Participants Chiropractic Care For Chronic Pain

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From the Director's Desk

Looking back at the past year, the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is a change that will likely affect all the health professions as they journey forward in the government's quest for healthcare justice. That update in coding has created a clearer way to track who the winners, and losers are in healthcare.


Call for Participants Chiropractic Care For Chronic Pain

We are looking for doctors of chiropractic interested in participating in the following study. RAND is conducting a study examining the impact of evidence, outcomes, costs, and patient preferences on the choice of treatment for chronic low back pain and chronic neck pain.

What's Hot

What's Hot

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Why Support the Three Arches of the Foot?

Our feet perform a number of simultaneous tasks. They support our entire body weight; balance and propel us; safely absorb and adapt to walking stresses; and provide the stability necessary for daily activities. Central to their success is the arched structure, which is actually a complex of three bony arches (Fig. 1): the medial longitudinal arch (A-C), the lateral longitudinal arch (B-C), and the anterior transverse (metatarsal) arch (A-B).


New Dr. Frankenstein

Everyone is familiar with novelist Mary Shelley’s horror story about Dr. Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who created life from the dead but was horrified by the creature he had made when it turned into a deadly monster. Although this classic science-fiction story has had many revisions since its inception in 1816 (Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks is my favorite), today we see a new type of Dr. Frankenstein who creates not one, but many monsters from people in pain.


The History of Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation and the Chiropractic Profession

It’s no secret that, in an effort to add additional revenue streams to a practice, many doctors of chiropractic are adding spa-like services. One such service is microcurrent facial rejuvenation (MFR). Many are familiar with the uses of microcurrent to reduce pain and muscle spasms, as well as to speed up healing.


How Much Is Your Practice Worth?

The first truism regarding the value of your chiropractic practice is that no national standards exist for appraising the worth of your business. Pricing a chiropractic practice—whether for purposes of sale or purchase—more closely resembles evaluating an important work of art or an antique automobile.


The Seven Don'ts of a Successful Practice

Without a doubt, the most successful practices are those that understand this fact: patients want to be heard and not told. Because of this, you can find yourself in a very perplexing conundrum. How can you communicate with your patient so he or she understands what to do without feeling as if being told what to do?


Medicare DME and Lumbar Braces Are Better Than Ever for Chiropractors

Yes, it is true! Medicare reimburses many chiropractors anywhere from $375 to $1300 for providing lumbar braces to qualified Medicare enrollees, which cost the doctor $50 to $375. The average chiropractic family practice can easily have 20 or more of these Medicare patients that not only could use a durable medical equipment (DME) product such as the lumbar brace, but also truly need one.


Referral Generators: Unlocking Each Patient’s Potential

Think about the last time you provided a referral to a friend. What motivated you to make that recommendation? Was it a superior quality of service? An above-and-beyond customer experience? The best price? Ease of contact and appointment setting?

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