June 2, 2015

Tracy's Tips

What You Say Matters

A Chiropractor’s Dream CA


Tracy's Tips

Welcome to our December bi-monthly edition of THE CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT! Be sure to pass this edition around to all of the CA's in your office, as well as sign up online for your own free subscription if you haven't already at http://TheChiropracticAssistant.com/.


What You Say Matters

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." This is especially true when you are interacting with patients and guests in your office. Your attitude, actions, and especially words are vital in creating a pleasant experience for the people who pass through your doors.


A Chiropractor’s Dream CA

What does your doctor want? It's common sense, mostly. Doctors want what most employers want: commitment, enthusiasm, the ability to think on your feet, and the ability to roll with the punches. Oh, and could you please show up for work on time?


Chiropractic: The 30-Second Rule

When you are out in public, how often do you overhear people talking about their health and chiropractic adjustments? Or just a mention of the word "subluxation"? How often do you hear a discussion about those words on the six o'clock news? Most conversations about adjustments and the detriment of subluxations occur in chiropractic practices, either with the doctor or with chiropractic assistants.


Facebook Announces Its New Personal Assistant Built into Messenger

The internet marketing world has been buzzing about Facebook's bold answer to Siri and Cortana. In a Facebook post on August 26, David Marcus, lead Facebook Messenger, shared an update about Facebook's newest service called M. As you may know, Apple has Siri, while Microsoft has Cortana or Google Now.


Workplace Health — or Take This Job and Love It!

As a chiropractic assistant, you have the unique opportunity to observe the results of workplace stress on the patients who come into your doctor's office. Workplace stress affects a vast majority of Americans, according to a Gallup Poll.


Successful Dieting During the Holidays

The holiday season brings fun with family and friends, who come from near and far to celebrate together. However, this otherwise joyous time can be fraught with peril when you are trying to lose weight. The holidays are not only filled with festivities, but also with temptations that can lead to overdoing it in the eating department.

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