May 2, 2015

Tracy's Tips

Managing Work Stress and Burnout

Anatomy in Action Series: Nursemaid's Elbow


Tracy's Tips

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Managing Work Stress and Burnout

The increased need to be productive while reaching higher levels of profitability, yet without any additional manpower, simply produces negative effects on workplace morale.1 With procedures, protocols, and tasks to be tackled daily in the practice, your day can quickly begin to seem overwhelming.


Anatomy in Action Series: Nursemaid's Elbow

Extremity pain is no stranger to the chiropractic office. DCs very commonly see shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and feet. This article will focus on a particular condition of the elbow joint called nursemaid's elbow, which is most commonly seen in children.


Creating an Aesthetic Chiropractic Office

An article in The Wall Street Journal titled “Best and Worst Jobs of 2013" reviewed 200 jobs in America and surprised many when chiropractors were ranked 11, considering “general physician" ranked 45 and “surgeon" ranked 51. The ranking of chiropractic has improved steadily from 56 in 2010 to 32 in 2011, and then to 19 in 2012.


How Different Mattresses Deal with Back Pain

Most patients notice that lying down and trying to sleep places pressure on the back, which causes pain. For many patients, this leads to them asking their DC, "Which mattress should I sleep on?" Most doctors and staff members have trouble answering this question intelligently because neither sleep nor the proper support of the body during sleep is taught in our medical schools.


Twelve Problems Great Software Can Solve

Working in a chiropractic office sometimes can feel like a revolving wheel of chaos. There is always more work to be done, new rules to comply with, and less time in the day (or so it seems). Fortunately, the tools available to chiropractors and CAs are improving every day, and the thoughtful implementation of software tools, in particular, can really minimize some of the most vexing problems facing an office.


A Successful Disability Insurance Claim Begins with the Application for Benefits

Applying for disability insurance benefits as well as maintaining those benefits requires an understanding of both the policy's terms and the tactics and review procedures utilized by the different insurance companies throughout the duration of the disability claim.



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