February 3, 2015

Message From The Publisher

Sinusitis Treatment without Antibiotics

Your Mattress and Back Pain


Message From The Publisher

Greetings and happy thoughts to our readers! Welcome back to our November issue of BETTER LIVING! This edition has a special interview feature story with the NFL great, Roger Craig. Many of us know Roger as a former NFL running back who won three Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers.


Sinusitis Treatment without Antibiotics

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis and have been through multiple courses of antibiotics, then you know the many problems associated with the antibiotic approach. Antibiotics leave you with intestinal problems and often yeast infections, while they only get rid of the sinus infection for six months or so.


Your Mattress and Back Pain

Many people with bad backs notice that when they lie down and try to sleep, pressure is placed on their lower spine, which causes them pain. What most don't realize is that subtle changes in the way mattresses are made today can contribute to or be the leading cause of their back problems.


NFL Great Roger Craig Shares his Secret Weapon

Roger Craig is a former NFL running back who won three Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers. In addition to the eight years Craig spent with the 49ers, he also played with the Los Angeles Raiders and Minnesota Vikings. Roger was the first player to rush for over 1000 yards, have nine touch downs, and catch over 90 passes in the same season! Craig amassed an impressive resume during his NFL career, defying the odds in avoiding injuries and amazing fellow NFL players with his ability to recover quickly from damaging body lesions.


Anti-Aging Stress Management with Magnetic Resonance Therapy

One thing is for sure: our biological clocks are based in the genetic information inherited from our ancestry. Predisposition for long life (the maximum life span) is based in "telomere" length. Telomeres are the end-stops for chromosomes that "shorten" with each cell division.


Banish the Blues Safely

Feeling blue at any time of the year is unpleasant, but it's especially hard during the holidays. Everywhere you look, you will see festive images of people laughing, celebrating, and apparently having a great time. Those who are sad can feel even more isolated and lonely.


How to Choose the Right Attorney to Represent Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you've been in an accident and are considering a lawsuit, it would be wise for you to hire an attorney to represent you and your interests in your case. Attorneys are very beneficial to you since they have surely maneuvered the legal system far more often than you have and can offer you valuable advice and services you would most likely be lost without.


Grilled Peanut (Almond, Macadamia) Chicken

There is nothing boring about this chicken! Great for a crowd, just double or triple the ingredients. PREP 5 MIN. COOK 16 MIN. SERVES 4 Serving size — 1 chicken breast Difficulty - easy Tagschicken, gluten free, egg free, dairy free Ingredients:

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