January 3, 2015

Stress — It’s Not All in Your Head


Ethan Zohn

The Herbal Treatment of Sleep Apnea


Stress — It’s Not All in Your Head

Too many people feel stressed these days. They feel like fish out of water — not comfortable! By contrast, imagine a healthy little fish, happily swimming in its natural habitat with everything it needs, plenty of food, water the right temperature, at peace with its surroundings and community.


Ethan Zohn

Ethan Zohn, former professional soccer player, cancer survivor, and winner of the reality hit television show Survivor: Africa, reaches out to young people through soccer, and teaches them about HIV and AIDS prevention. In a Better Living exclusive (BL), he shares inside information about overcoming cancer, the reason behind Grassroot Soccer, and how Chiropractic has played a role in his life.


The Herbal Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disturbance problems in America. It ruins the sleep of 25 million Americans with likely millions more undiagnosed sufferers. (1) The condition prevents the sleeper from entering REM (rapid eye movement) and delta sleep, causing them to become anxious, cantankerous, and tired during the day.


Healthy Foods for Summer

Always have color on your plate. Instead of chips and a burger, have a summer salad with a bun-less burger or steak and chicken kabobs. At least half of your plate should be filled with vegetables and some fruits. Instead of creamy dips, opt for heart-healthy dips, such as guacamole and hummus.


Is Your Mattress Helping or Hurting You?

Mattresses used to be made primarily of cotton padding and springs. Since the 1950's and the invention of plastics and foams, the modern mattress has gone through many evolutions. From waterbeds to today's memory foam offerings, this evolution has been quite spectacular.


What to Expect and How to Proceed with a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have been injured in an accident or believe you may have a personal injury claim, you are probably wondering what to do next or what is involved in the process. Familiarizing yourself with the many pieces of a personal injury lawsuit will help you prepare yourself for the days, weeks, or months ahead, as well as make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.


Message From The Publisher

WELCOME TO THE PREMIER ISSUE OF BETTER LIVING, the magazine committed to helping you live the life that you have the potential to live! Someone who has been absolutely tapping his potential to live life to the fullest is Ethan Zohn. Not only is Ethan a reality star, Survivor winner, soccer player, and cancer survivor, he also supports a mission that is important to him, called Grassroot Soccer, which educates kids all around the world of risks associated with HIV/ AIDS, through the use of professional soccer players.

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