January 2, 2015

Message From The Publisher

Organization is the Key to Success...

An interview with Melanie Bleem, OM/CA Bleem Family Chiropractic


Message From The Publisher

Dear CA's, Welcome to our February bi-monthly edition of THE CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT! This edition has a special interview feature story with a veteran Chiropractic Assistant, Melanie Bleem, of Bleem Family Chiropractic. Melanie shares her story on how it is working side by side with her husband and chiropractor for the past 20 years, and what she's doing today to keep on top of things in the changing health care environment.


Organization is the Key to Success...

Too often, the focus in a chiropractic office is on whatever is "on fire." In other words, you focus on things that are happening in the moment instead of on things that you should do to grow and build the practice. If you work without a plan, you will most likely come in to the office and "put out fires."


An interview with Melanie Bleem, OM/CA Bleem Family Chiropractic

When newly minted doctors of chiropractic cross that platform to get their degree, many of them don't yet realize that along with being healers, they will be required to be businesspeople as well. Since there are no business degrees specific to chiropractic, most of them patch their practices together as best they can.


The Importance of Front Desk First Impressions

In a chiropractic practice, most people would believe that the patients or even the doctor are the most important people in the practice. In my opinion, I believe that the CA's are the most important people in the practice. They are the glue that holds the practice together.


5 Ways to Market Your Chiropractic Practice

Every Chiropractic Assistant (CA) is different. In some offices the title may be given to an employee who answers the phone and schedules appointments. In other offices the CA may greet patients and apply modalities such as electric muscle stimulation or ultrasound.


Off-site, not out of Mind

For many chiropractic practices, an on-site bookkeeper is a luxury you cannot afford. Yet, for all of the late nights and weekends spent doing paperwork and paying bills, and the impact that has on the number of patients you can see, not having a bookkeeper at all is something you can't afford either.


ANATOMY IN ACTION SERIES: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

There are several 'tunnels' or 'compartments' in the body through which important structures, like nerves, blood vessels, or tendons travel. When a narrowing of these tunnels occurs, via a misalignment of bones or spasm of associated muscles, it can lead to the compression of those vital structures that travel through the area.


The 7 Motivators for Peak Performance

There are seven motivators you must implement if you want to achieve all that is possible for you in life and practice. You can learn these disciplines through practice and repetition until they become automatic. Malcolm Gladwell discusses this in his book "Outliers" the hours you must put in to succeed, he says 10,000 hours.

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