April 1, 2013

Organized Medicine Considers Chiropractic as a "First Line" Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

Adrenal Fatigue and Chiropractic Care

New Risks from Changing Healthcare Laws


Organized Medicine Considers Chiropractic as a "First Line" Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

T he opioid problem in the Unit­ed States is real and the prime culprit is prescription opioid pain relievers. Paulozzi. Jones. Mack, and Rudd. in The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) publication. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Rep


Adrenal Fatigue and Chiropractic Care

S tress is one of the largest understated health problems in our country.1 Even chiro­practor understands the important role the autonomic nervous system (ANS) plays in stress, and which adjustments enhance sympathetic/ parasympathctic balance, decr


New Risks from Changing Healthcare Laws

O n March 23. 2010. President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This law puts in place comprehensive health insurance reforms that will extend forfourycars and beyond. The vision and timeline seem daunting, from the 2010 i


The Post-Chemotherapy Neuropathy Patient -Can YOU Help Them?

A cancer diagnosis is terrifying. The questions, the fear, and the concept of facing mortality arc enough to paralyze even the strongest individual. In the not so distant past, the standard was surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, or some combinatio


Use a Pre-Acceptance Interview for Better New-Patient Communication and Conversion

S ome doctors struggle to keep a steady flow of new patients. One of the reasons we hear the most often for new-patient numbers that arc lower than average is difficulty explaining initial finances when a patient calls and asks the question. "How mu


Dealing with Subluxations Effectively

M ost doctors I speak with have a difficult time determining how often a patient should be adjusted. It all seems to stem from our under­standing, application, and patient explanation of "maintenance care" and "corrective care"—terminology we often


Facebook Is Growing and So Can Your New Patients

S o what is all this hype and talk about faccbook? Is it here to stay? Do you really have to have a business faccbook page? What will happen if you do not? Let me answer these important questions. In 2013 there arc mam social media outlets thrown at



D.C. Burglarizing Tucson Area Tucson. AZ - A string of businesses burglaries throughout the Tucson area in a 3-month period. Tlicrc's been well over 60 cases in the Tucson area. Piniii Count> Sheriff's Burglary detectives say they may have a break i


The Chiropractic Scoliosis Patient Dilemma

Patient Dilemma W hat is the chiropractic profession's position when it comes to treating scoliosis? What have our chiropractic universities taught us? Arc we only treating subluxations and not the scolio­sis? Arc we adjusting for symptoms and not t


Athlete Back on the Ice Thanks to Chiropractic Care

History and Presenting Symptoms The patient, a 24-year-old male semi-professional hockey player, reports a recent right hamstring "4grab" that just docs not seem to be improving. His history includes several injuries to the same hamstring muscle dur

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