January 1, 2013

New Insurance Paradigm? Aegis Insurance Solutions, Inc.

Changing Times Interview with Gary Tarola, DC, DABCO

The Driving Force of Function: A Tonal Chiropractic Proposal


New Insurance Paradigm? Aegis Insurance Solutions, Inc.

y\ funny thing happened at the office ... One Florida afternoon I was doing my utmost to provide ex­cellent sen ice for the client sitting across from me. I'd chidcd her for months, every time we met. about her ongoing reliance on Mayo Clinic doctor


Changing Times Interview with Gary Tarola, DC, DABCO

by TAC Staff D r. Tarola earned a BA degree from Marshall University, 1973 and was a Suma Cum Laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1976. He began private practice in Fogelsville, Lehigh Valley, Pa. in 1976. He obtained Dip-lomate status


The Driving Force of Function: A Tonal Chiropractic Proposal

F or years chiropractors have stated collectively that structure equals function. The structure of the spinal column gives the chiropractor a standard by which to establish clinical guidelines for therapy. This pre­sumes that there is a structural c


Laser Neurology: Groundbreaking Research

Chiropractors and the Nervous System Chiropractors have always been interested in how subluxation affects the nervous system. DD and BJ Palmer commonly lectured about the wonders of chiropractic and how it could heal the injured nerves. Recently, ch


Insurance Company Retrospective Audit Tactics Be prepared or give your money back

I f you accept insurance, you arc a target of the insurance carriers on mam' levels. First, you cannot be "Pollyannaish" and think that because you arc a "healer" or help people on so many levels you arc deserving of the fees you get. That is not pa


Whole Body Vibration: An Alternative Treatment for Chronic Low-Back Pain

"Structural problems require a structural solution": This statement makes perfect sense for musculoskeletal condi­tions. If you break your ami. a structural problem, it is resolved by a structural solution: Reset the bone and cast it. It would seem


CMS Releases Meaningful Use Stage 2 Requirements

What it Means if you "re already using EHR software... and What It Means if you're Planning to start This Year C MS recently released its final rules for Stage 2 Mean­ingful Use under the American Recovery and Rein­vestment Act (ARRA) and the Health


ACA's 2013 Legislative Conference to Focus on the Big Picture for Chiropractic

Educational Symposium offers more than 40 hours of Educational Programing during NCLC I n March, after new and returning members of the 113th Congress settle into their offices on Capitol Hill, chiro­practic physicians and students from around the c


Diet and Supplements for Athletes

T he general goal with diet and supplements for athletes should be to promote an anti-inflam­matory state so body better responds to the wear and tear generated by heavy exercise '". With this in mind, diet and supplement recommendations can be unco


How I Turned My X-Ray Room into a Profit Center With my iPhone

O ne might read the headline of this article and wonder ifl somehow developed a miraculous iPhonc App that allowed me to take digital x-ray pictures right from my phone. While that technology clearly docsnt exist. I"vc done the next best thing: Usin

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