December 1, 2012

New Development in Flexion/ Distraction Table

Insurance Management: A Third Party Billing Service May Be Your Solution

A Better Life by Avoiding the Knife


New Development in Flexion/ Distraction Table

Chiropractors have been utilizing Flexion-Distraction tech­nique for over 100 years and with good results. The first flcxion-distraction table was produced by an osteopath. Dr. McManis in 1909. The chiropractic profession historically has perfonned


Insurance Management: A Third Party Billing Service May Be Your Solution

Managing insurance is certainly one of the hard­est tasks chiropractors have to perform in their office, and it is one of the reasons some chiro­practors have decided to turn their office into a cash practice. But turning your practice to an all cas


A Better Life by Avoiding the Knife

History and Presenting Symptoms The patient is a 44-year-old male who describes persistent pain and occasional stiffness in his right knee that is not associated with any specific activity. He reports at least two years of recur­ring episodes of med


Defining Food Enzyme Nutrition An Interview with Howard Loomis, DC

byTAC Howard F. Loomis. Jr.. DC has been the leader in the clinical application of plant enzymes and is the person responsible for bringing food enzyme nutrition to the forefront of the health care field. After graduating from Logan Chiropractic Col


"PREHABILITATION": The Gift that keeps on Giving

It would appear that D.D. Palmer was correct when he said that nerves are involved in all diseases: he just didn't have the research in his age to prove it. As time goes on and research continues, the information coming out clearly substantiates his


Small Business Strategy: 4 Vital Tips for Success

Much hard work goes into beginning a new business, and we all know that blood, sweat, and tears arc the primary ingredients for success. However, it takes much more than that to establish a thriving business. In build­ing your chiropractic business,


Interview with Jeff Rockwell, DC of Manual Neuroscience Methods

■y^V r. Jeff Rockwell, DC is a chiropractor. bod> worker I t and somatic educator, with a passionate interest in * S the ncuroscicncc of manual therapy. A pioneer in the use of instrumentation in ncuromuscular therapy. Rockwell lias been a popular t


Chiropractic as Primary Care for the Spine The Paradigm has Changed Interview with William Owens, DC, DAAMLP

Dr. William Owens has been in practice for 15 years in Buffalo. New York. He has a practice that focuses on the care and triage of the traumatically injured. Early on in his career. Dr. Owens had the opportunity to help build two hospital-based chir


Evidence-Based Neurological Approach To Multimodal Neurosummation The Trigenics Decade Review

If you and I arc the same, we both became health profession­als because we had a deep desire to help people suffering with pain and dysfunction. We are consequently always seeking and learning new ways to do this. I feel blessed to have been able to


Medicare Is Not That Difficult!

There is no area of reimbursement more confounding to doctors of chiropractic than Medicare. One of the major reasons for such confusion is the wide variety of opinions versus facts when it comes to Medicare compliance. Medicare has. pcrliaps. one o

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