November 1, 2012

Logan College President George Goodman to Retire in 2013

Homeopathy: A Perfect Partner for Chiropractors Who Work with Athletes

Apple Invades Chiropractic


Logan College President George Goodman to Retire in 2013

Dr. Goodman's leadership resulted in significant accomplishments (ST. LOUIS) - Logan College of Chiropractic/University Programs President George Goodman. D.C. announced today that he will retire as President by March 31.2013. Dr. Goodman has led Lo


Homeopathy: A Perfect Partner for Chiropractors Who Work with Athletes

Supported by new research studies, homeopathy is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after thera­pies for sports injuries. Athletes who arc looking for reliable treatments without unwanted side effects are requesting homeopathic care, and chirop


Apple Invades Chiropractic

by TAC Staff It seems commonplace when we hear of vet another sce­nario where Apple has disniptcd the status quo. redefined expectations, or created an entirely new industry. And chiropractic is no exception. From consumer-focused to EHR-intcgratcd


How to Document the Effectiveness of Medicare DME-Approved Lumbar Braces

As a chiropractor I use lumbar braces on my patients a great deal. I experience wonderful success in my therapeutic results as well as very strong financial rc-imbursement. especially from Medicare. I be­lieve that every chiropractor should be a cer


The Nightmare on Pill Street!

On September 8. 1965. Dorothy Dandridgc. the first black American to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, was found dead. The cause was an accidental overdose of Tofranil. an anti-depressant. Moving ahead to February 11. 2012. Whitney


Have You Considered Using Nutrition to Help Patients With Neuropathy?

About seven years ago. I switched from an insurance-based practice treating solely musculoskclctal conditions to an all-cash practice treating some mus­culoskclctal conditions as well as a lot of additional conditions like obesity, diabetes, fibromy


Ignoring Patient Supplements Because of the Hassle?

Technology now makes it easy to prescribe supplements for better patient care and to create a successful new revenue stream M any DCs avoid offering nutritional supplements because it can seem like a time-consuming effort for little reward. But the


Evidence-Based Care vs. Subluxation Care Are they Mutually Inclusive or Exclusive?

As published by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "The most common definition of EBP [cvidcnced-bascd practice] is taken from Dr. David Sackctt. a pioneer in evidence-based practice. EBP is 'the con­scientious, explicit and judicious


Chiropractors Fighting Drug Abuse

One of our jobs, as doctors of chiropractic, is to fight the wildly excessive use of prescription and rec­reational dnigs. Do you realize that The National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that one in nine youths abused dnigs in the past year? In a


Resolving Vitamin B12 Deficiency Using Oral Supplementation

New research validates high dose methylcobalamin lozenge regimen Vitamin B|2 (often referred to as cobalamin) is an essential nutrient that can only be obtained from diet or supplements. Its main function in the body is to assist in the synthesis of

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