October 1, 2012

Dr. Mancini Retiring from Parker University

Movie Premiere "Doctored-The Movie"

Sacral Fractures


Dr. Mancini Retiring from Parker University

Parker announced today that Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is retiring from his position as President of Parker University and Parker Seminars. Dr. Mancini made this decision to allow for time to pursue other interests, including public speaking and media ef­


Movie Premiere "Doctored-The Movie"

The premiere of "Doctored - The Movie", by producer Jeff Hays, took place in New York City on September 21. 2012. in Los Angeles. September 26. and in Chicago. Atlanta, and Dallas September 28. Between September 5 and 15. a director's cut of the mov


Sacral Fractures

Case HistO ry: This male patient was working on the roof of his garage when he slipped and fell 12 feet to the concrete pavement of his driveway. He has sharp pain over Ms proximal sacrum. Docs he have a fracture? Diagnosis: Note the fracture throug


Growth Asymmetry In An Outdoorsman

History and Presenting Symptoms A 41 -year-old male presents with recurring episodes of pain in his low back and left hip. He recalls no injury to the region, and cannot identify any precipitating activities or events. On a Visual Analog Scale, he r


What if Insurance Reimbursement Went Away Tomorrow?

Lets face it: there is much uncertainty that plagues not only our profession, but the world economics at large. Add into the mix $65 co-pays, decreasing insurance reimbursement schedules and the new Obama-Carc Health Law. and its no wonder chiroprac


A Dash of Persistence with a Touch of Honey: A Winning Combination

A Winning Combination More often than not. doctors decide about insur­ance participation based on the horror stories they hear from their friends. It's not unusual for both new and seasoned practitioners to throw up their hands at the prospect of de


Range of Motion Testing: What DCs Need to Know

Range of motion and muscle testing are critical to developing treatment plans, and insurance reimbursement depends on providing accurate reports that demonstrate need for care and document improvement objectively: however, this necessity is time-con


Is Transitioning to a Cash-Based Practice Right For You?

Between our two companies. Cash Practice and Chi-roHcalthUSA. we hear from hundreds of doctors a month who think they want to transition to an all cash practice. The reasons arc varied, but arc most commonly related to frustrations in dealing with i


Subluxation vs. Disc Herniation Old Paradigms & New Technology; The pathway for Chiropractic as "Spinal Primary Care Providers"

Chiropractic utilization in the United States re­mained static at 12.1 million from 2003 until 2006 as reported by Davis. Brcnda and Williams in 2010. This represents 4.12% of the population, considering the 2003 population reported by the Encyclo­p


From Checks to Mobile: Three simple methods for an integrated payment processing strategy for Chiropractors

Chiropractors. like many other healthcare providers, tend to operate individually or in small groups (1-3 providers) with a limited amount of administrative staff to manage cash flow and collect for services rendered. Matt Llewellyn. VP of Healthcar

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