September 1, 2012

The 7 Online Channels Patients Use To Find A Good Chiropractor

A Chiropractic Revolution: The History of Activator Instrument Adjusting



The 7 Online Channels Patients Use To Find A Good Chiropractor

How to Maximize Your Exposure on the Internet to Acquire Patients Remember the game Battleship? Imagine if you knew the squares where your opponents" ships were placed. You obviously would have a huge advantage over your competitor. Now imagine if y


A Chiropractic Revolution: The History of Activator Instrument Adjusting

by TAC Staff "Why did you develop an instrument to give a chiropractic adjustment?" Dr. Arlan Fuhr has been asked that question frequently in the 45 years since the Activator Method was first in development. The answer is simple: his body hurt too m



We all know that detoxifying is good for us. but how do you choose a good protocol to follow? When we rcmoYC toxins that haYC built up OYcr years, it is just as important to consider things we DON'T do as well as the things we DO. A good detox progr


The Hot and Cold of It

Dr. X has been in practice for more than 25 years. As a beloved and tnistcd practitioner in his town, his patient database bulges with past and present patients. Because the office is in a rural community, patients include fanners and ranchers, reti


Marketing for Professionals: What Sets Us Apart From McDonald's?

McDonald's is possibly the most successful small business worldwide and that success was built on products that are possibly not the healthiest in the industry. In health care, we do not have the option to not be the best because lives arc at stake


How To Be A Superhero

Calling all healing superheroes! Even doc­tor wants to be a superhero - to relieve suffering and provide curative solutions to their patients" health challenges that others have been unable to resolve. With today's rapidly escalating levels of chron


Seeing Is Believing

Leaders See The Future One quality that all leaders have in common is that they have a clear and exciting vision for the future. This is something that only a leader can have. Only a leader can think about the future and plan forit each day. Do you



Chiropractor Faces 125Fraud Counts PATERSON. NJ—A chiropractor with offices in Patcrson and Jersey City lias been cliargcd with 125 counts of insurance fraud for allegedly fak­ing the claims of car accident victims so that they would appear to need


3 Marketing Mistakes That Lead To Chiropractor Burnout

Chiropractor Burnout You may think of burnout as stemming from having a workaholic approach to your practice or from experiencing a major life trauma. rhat"s not necessarily the case, though. In fact, one of the easiest ways for a chiropractor to bu


Marketing, Keep Your Actual Patients First

Marketing: Keep your actual patients first. Du ring my 22 years of experience working in chiroprac­tic offices. I have seen offices grow ing with just 10 new patients per month, while some others need 50 new patients per month to grow. Why is that?

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