July 1, 2012

Stay Fit Seniors, Inc Taps into Insurance Networks

Dr. Yochum Wins Fraternal Award

Humble D.C. to Lead Team U.S.A.


Stay Fit Seniors, Inc Taps into Insurance Networks

'ENIORS . The profession has finally entered the Main Stream Wcllncss Industry. Chiro­practors can now receive payment void of procedure code, diagnosis or reports for providing wcllncss exercise program in their offices. This will bring thousands o


Dr. Yochum Wins Fraternal Award

Dr. Terry R. Yochum was honored by the Sigma Chi Fraternity as one of approximately 20 brothers to receive the distinguished "Significant Sig Award." The honor was bestowed on Dr. Yochum on June 25.2011 in Dallas. Texas at the annual meeting of the


Humble D.C. to Lead Team U.S.A.

Interview with Terry Sehroeder, D.C. by The American Chiropractor (TAC) In 1900. men's water polo became the first team sport in­troduced at the modem Olympic Games. The rules of the game were different in Europe, so in the 1904 Olympic Games in St.


Important Clarification Regarding CCGPP's Development of Clinical Guidelines and Algorithms

It has come to my attention that vet another small group of individuals in our profession is hard at work spreading misinformation amongst their colleagues, this time in regards to CCGPPs formulation of acute and chronic care guidelines and treatmen


Chiropractic Offices: Ipad or Not?

While in the airport. I stopped at a news stand to buy a magazine and saw on the front page of Laptop magazine: Ipad or Not? I thought this was a terrific question for the chiropractic field and thought chiropractors would be tappy to hear the pros


Digital X-ray Solutions for Chiropractic

X-rays play an important role in determining the ex­act cause for many health complications in patients. The advancements in radiography are allowing physicians to pinpoint the ex­act cause of complications through high quality output in a matter of


BUDGETING & PLANNING Budgeting Includes Short and Long Term Plans

Term Plans Look beyond next year! The c arc % cry excited when we get more new patients. To get new patients, marketing is important, but financial management can be the key to successful marketing. Once you get a new patient, the key is to get them


Consider Hobbies to Determine What's Causing Pain

Causing Pain As chiropractors, when we conduct our case histories and examinations we typi­cally determine mechanisms of injury to be related to specific instances of trauma, repetitive macrotrauma or microtrauma. However, we should also consider po


Non-Surgical Axial Spinal Decompression: Fad or Evolving Treatment?

Imagine for a moment that you are asked to use a new "thing" that looks like a television but has a key­board and performs mathematical calculations as simply as your calculator. Or try a "wireless" phone, a phone that doesn't need to be attached to


The Chiropractor's Role in Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

for Cancer Patients Over the past two and a half years I have had the opportunity to learn more about the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation than I would ever have imagined. Working more than 40 plus hours a week with patients who arc active

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