May 1, 2012

Jean Marie Irelan Busch

Chiro Racing to Make Debut at Indy 500

IME & Peer Review Doctors: 2012 Malpractice Coverage Leaves You in Grave Peril Part 2


Jean Marie Irelan Busch

The AmerJcan Chiropractor Celebrates the Life of Editor, Wife & Mother, After 34 years of consistent service to the chiropractic profession through her work here at the magazine, on March 29th, 2012, TAC Editor Jean Marie Irelan Busch made the trans


Chiro Racing to Make Debut at Indy 500

When Brandon Wagner steps into his IndyCar, few truly understand how chiropractic health and guiding a 200-mph missile while strapped into tight quarters conic together. Actu­ally, it's a challenge that the future chi­ropractor would confront every


IME & Peer Review Doctors: 2012 Malpractice Coverage Leaves You in Grave Peril Part 2

In part 1 of this 2 part series, pub­lished in the April. 2012 edition of The American Chiropractor. I reported the exposure that IME and peer review doctors have in states with no "duty of care." I reported. "While an 'independent and peer review e


The Importance of Good Form What Scoliois Can Teach Us about Postural Rehab

Manifestation of any health problem is not a spontaneous event: before the clinical onset, precluding factors exist. Although these factors are unique in each patient, under­standing how they contributed to the malady is the first step in reversing


Can the Chiropractic Profession Be Saved?

Can the profession be saved? The jury is still out. One of the funda­mental problems with the chiropractic profession (thankfully with a corresponding fundamental solution) is that DCs spend the vast majority of their non-patient business time react


Fractures of the Pubis and Ischium

[Case History] This patient presents following severe trauma to the pelvic region after a motorcycle accident. Diagnosis: This patient has bilateral fractures of the superior and inferior pubic rami which has been referred to as a STRADDLE FRACTURE.


Create Your Own Stimulus Plan

There is no doubt that obtaining $44,000.00 from the govern­ment is very enticing. In this hard economy, who would say "No" to such a gift? A gift? Well, not exactly. If you arc interested in Electronic Health Record software programs, you already k


Look Closer: The Answer May Not Be Obvious

Even with everything we do in the evalu­ation process of our patients, sometimes outside forces like activities of daily living, job. family and financial stress can compli­cate the presenting vertebral subluxation complexes and its resulting signs


What is Laser Therapy and Does it Really Work?

The history of laser began in 1917 when laser theory was first postulated by Albert Ein­stein in his fundamental work "Zur quantum theories dcr strahklung". 1 The actual word LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation a


Poor Posture and the Tweet Generation

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