April 1, 2012

How to Prevent Sports Injuries Using "Functional Muscle Neurology"

Insurance Fraud Prevention

Murphy's Law (3) when starting a practice


How to Prevent Sports Injuries Using "Functional Muscle Neurology"

Without question the main cause of elite athletes not attaining their goals is injuries. Debilitating injury to muscles or tendons being the culprit. Much has been discovered in recent years relating to the imbalance mechanisms of aberrant and unbal


Insurance Fraud Prevention

Picture yourself driving home late one night with your spouse from a concert downtown. Your normal route is under construc­tion, so you have to detour through a part of town that you don't ever like to be in. but certainly not at this hour. As you l


Murphy's Law (3) when starting a practice

by Peter G. Fernandez, D.C. Doing your own remodeling... will cost you more. "~T^ Jf urphy's Law" is an old 1% /I adage that is typically I %/ I stated as: "Anything that *■ ▼ -JLcan go wrong will go wrong". When you start a new practice you'll expe


Keys to a Successful Paperless Practice

The benefits of a paperless office are numerous, but for many this goal has been elusive. Instead, the computer age has generated more paper than ever before. But with the right approach, it is possible to build a successful paperless chiroprac­tic


Evolutionary Aspects of Diet: The Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratio and the Brain Molecular Neurobiology

; Artemis P. Simopoulos ; This article has 116 references LA = linoleic acid (plant derived omega-6 fatty acid) ALA = alpha linolenic acid (plant derived omega-3 fatty acid) From Abstract Several sources of information suggest that human be­ings evo


IME & Peer Review Doctors: 2012 Malpractice Coverage Leaves You in Grave Peril Part 1

Independent medical examiners (IMEs) and peer review doctors all have one thing in common: they are in the business for money, as their level of expertise and profes­sional training offer nothing to the "clients" they evaluate. The purpose of their


Your Practice in 2012: A Blueprint for Constant Change and Growth

Way back in 1997, I real­ized my wildly success­ful practice was. in fact, broken. And it all began with a simple question posed to me by a former high school classmate. "Chris, where've you been?" At the time, I had no answer. All day I had been bu


Informed Consent Emerging as a New Basic Element in Patient Communications

Effective risk management requires every chiropractic practitioner's daily attention. Consistent attention to detail and regular examination and re-evaluation of the risk-management basics, and now an up-to-date knowledge of and compli­ance with you


Educating Your Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Patients on Complementary Alternative Therapies

Y our chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy patients are probably sick of taking pills and being stuck with needles. The idea of having to take even more medication after their chemotherapy is over can be frustrating. They've made it through ch


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Chiropractic

Interview with Dr. Glen Bobker, Certified iMRS/Mediconsult Health Technician byTAC Dr. Glen Bobker received his undergraduate degree from SUNY at STONY BROOK (1976) and his Doctorate (1981) from New York Chiropractic Col­lege (NYCC). Graduating from

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