January 1, 2012

Foot Levelers Releases New Software for the Association Platinum

CCE Receives Recommendation for Continuing Accreditation

Building The Sports Chiropractic Practice--A Recipe for Success


Foot Levelers Releases New Software for the Association Platinum

Roanoke, VA- Foot Levelers has launched new software, V7+, which will enhance the Associate R Platinum and scanning patients' feet. With sharper, more detailed images, the V7+ is designed to explain the severity ol pronation and how imbalances in le


CCE Receives Recommendation for Continuing Accreditation

Arlington, Va.— The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) received a recommendation for a one-year continuing accreditation following a Dec. 14 hearing before the Department of Education's (DOE) National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality


Building The Sports Chiropractic Practice--A Recipe for Success

T hroughout my travels I have had the opportunity to meet lots of great people in our profession. Many have been in practice for years, but some are in school, getting ready to graduate or just getting started. I'm often asked by these folks what it


A Vision for Chiropractors as Primary Spine Clinicians A Paradigm Shift in Patient Management

Interview with Scott Haldeman, D.C, M.D. by The American Chiropractor (TAC) S cott Haldeman DC, MD, PhD, FRCP(C), FCCS(C), FAAN liolds the positions of, adjunct Professor, Department of Epi­demiology, School of Public Health, Uni­versity of Californ


Is There a Minimum Time per Session for Decompression Therapy?

W hat is the minimal time per session for suc­cessful traction/decompression? Do we need to deliver 15-plus minutes of mechanical trac­tion to have a clinically important outcome... could we instead use just 1-3 minutes and have a similar clinical r


An Easy Way to Add Nutrition to Treat Your Patients in Pain

L ow back pain is one of the most common reasons patients visit all physicians in the United States and it represents a sub­stantial financial burden on society (I). The most common treatments are phar-maceuticals. which are either prescribed or sel


Going Paperless in 2012? Great Tips on How to Choose Your New System

T o the benefit of chiropractors, there are more and more lull automated paperless systems available for their practice. This rapid growth in the chiropractic software industry is due to the high demand of the product, which is great for chiropracto


Adjustment vs. Manipulation Does the language really matter to the future of chiropractic?

M y mantra for many years was "Chiropractors adjust and osteopaths and physi­cal therapists manipulate." I had a dogmatic philosophical belief that anything else was blasphemy and that sentiment was and is shared erroneously by many. Over the years,


Are Runners Welcomed at Your Office?

W hen you developed your yearly marketing program, you probably thought about how to attract more children or geriatric patients to your office. Have you ever considered trying to attract more athletes, especially runners? There is a large, growing


Evaluation and Management of Lumbar Discopathy with Lumbar Radiculopathy

Earn CE Credits for reading this article. Register through the University Of Bridgeport Postgraduate Department 202-576-4880 TAC article 3: Introduction H ealth care costs have been rising for several years. Expenditures in the United States on heal

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