July 1, 2011

Dr. David M. Brady Breaks the Glass Ceiling in Academia

Atherosclerosis and Low Back Pain



Dr. David M. Brady Breaks the Glass Ceiling in Academia

Interview with David M. Brady, D.C., N.D., C.C.N., D.A.C.B.N. Dr. David Brady, a 1991 Texas Chiropractic Col­lege (TCC) graduate, is the first DC worldwide to break the "glass ceiling" within academia by being conferred vice provost of the health sc


Atherosclerosis and Low Back Pain

Low back pain is our major cause of lost workdays and workers' compensation claims in the United States, and heart attacks are our major cause of death. Research suggests that both problems result from the same underlying cause: the high blood chole



The 5 types of associateships to avoid...and why. Becoming an associate doctor is not a demeaning career move. Trying to open a new practice when you or your finances are not ready.. .is. Being an associate should be an honorable, rewarding and lear


Thoracic Kyphosis. Part I

In my experience, there is a general lack of appreciation of both the need for radiographic views of the thoracic spine and the influence of the thoracic spine on whole body alignment and health potential. It is for these reasons that I offer this p


Anti-Aging, Homeopathy, and HGH

Our patients today are letting us know that their most pressing needs are keeping healthy naturally (solving health problems) and staying young (anti-aging). Anti-aging research has advanced in the 21st century to the point of becoming its own medic


Get Those Patients Walking

Now that we are in the middle of summer, many of our pa­tients ask us about outdoor activities and what they should do and not do. We usually instruct our patients to warm up a little with some walking and some simple range of motion stretches invol


Adjusting, Manipulation, Pediatrics, Structural Correction, Subluxation Care and the Research

Critical Issues to Preserve Chiropractic Where is the research to explain suhluxation? Where is the research to explain chiropractic? and... scoliosis? pediatric care'.' asthma? colic? infertility? otitis media? etc.... The answer...IT DOESN'T EXIST


Money for Retirement

Are you financially "well off?" Do you have enough money to continue living your lifestyle afteryou re­tire? What will happen to you if the auditor knocks on your door, says your SOAP notes are worthless and demands that you refund to the insurance


INTERNAL HEALTH: A Chiropractic Specialty The Lower Extremities-Part III

This article is the conclusion of a series on the short leg syndrome. Previously, I have discussed the importance of proper alignment of the hip, knee, and ankle joints to each other. This month, we move into the pelvis and summarize the role of pro


Practice Equity

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, once said about his basketball franchise, "Every­one has thousands of entertain­ment choices and we don't want to create any excuses for them to go and spend their money somewhere else." This is the way eve

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