June 1, 2011

Reversing Obesity and Diabetes with the Amazing Fat Burning Machine!

The Amazing Chiropractor Series

The Power of Information


Reversing Obesity and Diabetes with the Amazing Fat Burning Machine!

D r. Mark Franks was perplexed by rut: number of his patients who were diabetic and clinically obese. During the 20 years he had been a chiropractic physician, the obesity rate had more than doubled to become the number 2 cause of preventable death


The Amazing Chiropractor Series

Interview with Terry Schroeder, D.C. Dr. Terry Schroeder is the USA's only four time Olympian in the sport of water polo. He was a member of Team USA during the Olym­pic boycott in 1980. After the boycott, Terry re-focused and dedicated himself to p


The Power of Information

D O YOU BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF INFORMATION? Do YOU believe media such as TV, radio, newspaper, maga­zine hold a lot of power by providing information to people? If your answer is "Yes," we are on the same page and you may find this article very int


To Be or Not to Be...An Associate Doctor

T Ill-SH 8 QUKSTIONS WILL III-XP YOU DIX IUi: II YOU SHOULD become an associate or start your own practice. I. Are you inexperienced, but don't want outside help? Is your ego too big to pay for - and listen to expert advice? Can you raise the money?


What the Obesity Epidemic Means to Chiropractic

A LL KINDS OF TIPS AND TRICKS FOR LOSING WF.KillT CAN Bl-found everywhere in the media these days. However, the obesity epidemic in the United States is much more serious than just a handful of people trying to lose a few extra pounds. Americans nee


It's Not Your Fault

0 DISHY IS MOST OITKN IDKNTIIIIll) WITH UMTS IlKill IN fat and sugar, combined with a lack of physical activity. It's not as easily accepted that obesity may be directly related to addiction. The obvious pound-packing obesity culprits tend to be hig


Could There Be Something You Are Missing When Trying to Solve Your Patient's Weight Loss Problems?

D lkinc, mi: past twi:nty yhaks <>i i'kactict:, I'vi; ikm:d to get patients to eat right. I've met with a lot of resistance! My experience has been that patients in severe pain healed faster if they were willing to remove the foods that caused infla


Fighting Obesity-Taking Corporate America Outdoors!

A ccording ro i hi: CDC (Ckntior for Disi:asi- Control and Prevention), obesity in adults has increased by 60 percent within the past twenty years and obesity in children has tripled in the past thirty years. A staggering 33 percent of American adul


INTERNAL HEALTH: A Chiropractic Specialty The Lower Extremities--Part II

L AST MONTH, I STARTED A 111 RE li-PART SERIES ON THE SHORT leg syndrome and the absolute necessity of not only properly identifying it, but finding the exact cause, and tracing the effects up the leg into the pelvis and onto the spine. I discussed


Obese Patient Benefits from Orthotic Support

History and Presenting Symptoms A 31-year-old male office worker reports a history of mild-lo-modcrate. intermittent lower back pain, along with an aching tightness in his neck. Mis back pain comes on with no specific triggering activities, and the

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