April 1, 2011

The Professional Liability Risk Dynamic

The Role of Chiropractic in an Integrative Cancer Treatment Setting

The Post-Chemotherapy Cancer Patient--A Growing Chiropractic Patient Population


The Professional Liability Risk Dynamic

Till: DOCTOR OF UIIROI'RACTIC in active practice has a lot to be concerned about and a host of issues and admin­istrative and management steps that must be covered to make certain that all aspects of the practice are properly addressed on a timely b


The Role of Chiropractic in an Integrative Cancer Treatment Setting

CONVENTIONAL ONCOLOGY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE ARE often considered to be on opposite ends of the medical spectrum. However, cancer patients are increasingly seeking out alternative options such as chiropractic, naturopathy. and acupuncture as compl


The Post-Chemotherapy Cancer Patient--A Growing Chiropractic Patient Population

ACANCKR DIAGNOSIS IS TKRRIIYINti. Till; QUESTIONS, the fear and the concept of facing their own mor­tality are enough to paralyze even the strongest individual. In the not so distant past, the standard was surgery, che­motherapy, or radiation or som


The Financial Report of Findings: Say It and They Will Pay It!

ONI-! Ol- Till: MOST OVKRLOOKED AREAS OI- PRACTICE management, meaning the management of your practice, is in the area of finances. For whatever reason, doctors of chiropractic have struggled with this area due to lack of knowledge, lack of the abil


Acupuncture and Massage in Chiropractic--Is It Right for Your Practice?

CHIROPRACTORS ARI- USi:i) TO THINKING OUTS1M-: Till-: l«).\ when it comes to treating patients. Where a general practitioner might prescribe an anti-inflammatory, a chiropractor could provide equal, if not better ben­efits with a simple adjustment.


Digital X-Ray

TIM-: TECHNOLOGY USI-D IN CONVENTIONAL X-RAY I'll.M IS 100 years old. There are not many technologies that do not evolve and improve in 100 years, and the X-ray field is no different, although many doctors have not yet made the technology jump in th


Should You go Cash or Insurance?

"The insurance companies are getting harder and harder. They pay less and less. Soon, insurance will not pay for chiropractic care anymore. I think about going cash only. My friend was audited and he had to give S100,000 back to the insurance com­pa


INTERNAL HEALTH: A Chiropractic Specialty Parasympathetic Dominance & Sympathetic Weakness

IMS IS MY THIRD ARTICLK IN A SI-Rll-IS DI-lSICiNI-D TO IIKill- I light visceral dysfunctions that arc perpetuating muscle contractions, loss of joint range of motion, and reoccurring structural misalignments that have become chronic and defy permane



Arizona Chiropractors Versus Department of Insurance PHOENIX, AZ: Two Chiropractors and a patient, backed by the Arizona Chiropractic Society (ACS), filed a lawsuit on the 14th against the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) alleging failure to e


Cobb Angle: Friend or Foe

Conn anglf. should not ui-: tiii; Gold Standard ior radiographic evaluation of scoliosis. While Cobb angle has been the subject of numerous reliability studies, there are several disadvantages to be noted. These disadvantages range from high inter-e

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