March 1, 2011

The Rise of Chiropractic Franchising: How Chris Tomshack, D.C., Built HealthSource into a Worldwide Leader

An Amish Story



The Rise of Chiropractic Franchising: How Chris Tomshack, D.C., Built HealthSource into a Worldwide Leader

AT THE HELM OP THE WORLD S LARGEST CHIROPRACTIC franchise, you might think Dr. Chris Tomshack is finally ready to rest easy. As the CEO of HealthSource Chiropractic, his company has already outpaced every other franchise in its category, but even th


An Amish Story

Amish Patients Nearly 200 years ago. the Amish emigrated from Switzerland and Southern Germany to the Lancaster. Pennsylvania area. As with many others drawn to the "Golden Land", in America they found freedom from persecution, tolerance for their p



WHEN DOCTORS HF.LP HKill NUMBERS OF PATIENTS CONSIS-tently for years with excellent results, other doctors want to know their secret. What is the one factor high-achieving doctors have in common? After three decades of interviewing the best, the one


Perspectives on Chiropractic from ACC & NYCC President Dr. Frank Nicchi

Interview with Dr. Frank J. Nicchi, D.C, M.S. Dr. Frank Nicchi has served as President of the New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) since September 2000. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts de­gree from St. John's University in 1973, the Doctor


Choose Your Space Wisely

WHEN OPENING A NEW practice, selecting a facility that best suits your needs begins with a solid foundation. Now, more than ever, countless chiropractors are be­ing misled by representations from their landlord or realtor that, if not carefully unde


INTERNAL HEALTH: A Chiropractic Specialty Sympathetic Dominance, Parasympathetic Weakness

THIS MONTH, I BEGIN A SERIES 01 24 ARTICLES EACH DESIGNED to highlight a set of symptoms that collectively point at a specific visceral problem that is perpetuating muscle contractions, loss of joint range of motion, and reoccurring structural misal


Physicals-Your Unique Practice Option

FOR Till: FIRST TIMK IN OUR PROFESSION'S HISTORY, WE ARE SOON TO be placed on a level playing field with our M.D., D.O., Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant peers. Soon, the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners will become final r


Sacral Subluxation?

MS. M IS A 15-YHAR-OLD FKMALE WHO HAS STARTED A low-impact cardio program at her local health club. After the first week of class, she developed a pain that she describes as both a sharp pain and ache in her right buttock. She reports no pain, numbn


Chiropractic Clinician and the Radiologist: A Partnership with a Caveat

IT IS CRITICAL FOR EVERY CHIROPRACTOR TO HAVE A SUPPORT team of health care specialists in order to render the high­est level of care for our patients. The radiologist is the first specialist that you should add to your team. In the triaging of our


Know Your Numbers

Oi tl:n timhs wf. have the misconception that success is something we enjoy only after we master difficult concepts and complicated theories. However, it may surprise you to know that you learned some of the necessary skills required for a successfu

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