February 1, 2011

Ben Altadonna Shares His Side of the Story

Nutritional Considerations for a Healthy Pregnancy

Chiropractic for Pregnant Women Interview with Karen Gardner Bagnell, D.C.


Nutritional Considerations for a Healthy Pregnancy

Normal pregnancy is a controlled inflammatory state that is influenced by diet? Inflammation is central to reproductive success.' Normal ovulation. menstruation, implantation, and parturition are all inflammatory processes. In contrast, conditions o


Chiropractic for Pregnant Women Interview with Karen Gardner Bagnell, D.C.

For more than eighteen years, Dr. Karen Gardner Bagnell has studied the mechanisms of breech and transverse presentations, pregnancy and delivery. Dr. Gardner Bagnell has guest lectured at The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and Chestnu


The Backpack Dilemma

Tim: controversy and dialog about the problem with backpacks has raged for decades. Many groups have done "studies" to determine the extent of continuing trauma to young people literally saddled with carrying numer­ous books in backpacks that can ea


Applied Kinesiology Demystified Interview with Eugene Charles, D.C.

"The various demonstrations I had seen gave the impression AK was a magic act with sleight of hand tricks, as one might see performed by an illusionist in a Las Vegas show." w HEN IT WAS SUGGESTED THAT I DO AN INTER- view with Applied Kinesiology pr


How to Evaluate the Real Cost of an Electronic Health Record System?

II YOU ARI-: SHOPPING FOR AN ElIXTRONIC HliALTH Rl> cord system, chances are you will follow this path: You will choose to call 4 or 5 companies you have heard the most from other fellow chiropractors, or you have seen in chiropractic seminars or ma


INTERNAL HEALTH: A Chiropractic Specialty Increased Referrals by Solving Problem Cases

IN PRESENTING THE CONCEPT OF INTERNAL HEALTH—A chiropractic specialty—I have been advocating an examination approach that recognizes that muscle contraction accompanied inevitably with loss of range of motion can be caused not only by a structural p


Strained Lower Extremities Needed a Lift

History and Presenting Symptoms A 44-year-old female reports occasional episodes of pain in her lower back, primarily on the left. Her low back pain seems to be randomly intermittent, but is worse when she's been on her feet for a while. Currently i


How to Do More with Less

As Doc tors orCniRoprac-tic, as well as business professionals managing a practice, we are bom­barded with solicitations to better our practice, improve our equip­ment, update our technology, and incorporate the "next best thing." The economic reali


Seven Deadly Business Traps

Till; FOLLOWING ARF. TRAPS THAI' MANY IXXTORS, AS RUS1NF.SS owners, fall into and, if you can avoid them, you could make a lasting change in your business. Most doctors are very proud of being true to their philosophy of healthcare and being a chiro

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