September 1, 2010

Diabetic Foot Requires Special Care

Foot Levelers Awards Scholarship to Chiropractic Student

New York Chiropractic College Recognized Once Again as a "Great College to Work For"


Foot Levelers Awards Scholarship to Chiropractic Student

■ Roanoke, VA- Foot Levelers announces a $2,500 scholar­ship to Kamal Vaid, a chiropractic assistant in Chicago, to attend Life College of Chiropractic. Vaid is an excellent CA IN ONE OF THE ChIRoOnE CLINICS AND IS EAGER TO CONTINUE HIS EDUCATION TO


New York Chiropractic College Recognized Once Again as a "Great College to Work For"

■ Slneca Falls: NYCC, yet again, earned recognition by the Chronicle of Higher Education as a "Great College to Work For" - THE ONLY CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE OR NATURAL HEALTHCARE institution to have done so. this year, nycc was also named to the Chroni


What Is The Vacuum Sign?

History: An adult male patient with a long history of low back pain. Discussion: The vacuum sign (of Knuttsen) is an important early radiographic finding. Es­sentially, this represents collections of nitro­gen gas in nuclear and annular fissures and


Neck Disability: 30-Years Post Whiplash

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - British Volume, Volume 92-B, Issue 6, pp. 853-855 J. Rooker, M. Bannister, R. Amirfeyz, B. Squires, M. Gar-gan, G. Bannister Key Points 1) This is the longest study of whiplash-injured patients that I have seen in


Calling an Audible With Your PI Marketing

When Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Man­ning steps up to the line of scrimmage to call a play, a complex series of events is taking place. Manning is surveying the formation of the opposing team, watching for pat­terns in their stance, format


Marketing Machine Interview with Steven Visentin, D.C.

The American Chiropractor recently heard about an e-book written by Dr. Steven Visentin (SV), Blow Your Head Off: Practice Building Secrets. Dr. Visentin graduated from the Na­tional College of Chiropractic and decided to practice in Denver, Colorad


Marketing: No Substitute for Real Value

THF. NEXT TIME YOU'RF. STUCK AT A TRAFFIC LIGHT, HERE'S ail interesting (if not disturbing) way to pass a few min­utes: Count how many times the names "Toyota" and "Honda" go cruisin' by compared to the iconic brands that once proudly adorned the ta


Caring for 95% of the Population Combining chiropractic, science and business as the vehicle to get us there

OVI-R TUT LAST FI-W MONTHS, I HAVE BP.F.N SHOUTING FROM the mountaintops that we can get 95% of the popula­tion under chiropractic care in our lifetime and it has raised many eyebrows nationally. The truth is it can be a reality if we position ourse


Stop Doing New Patient Orientations?

WHAT? WllAI DO YOU MEAN STOP DOING NEW PATIENT orientations? For as long as I've been a chiro­practor I've been told to get my patients to a new patient orientation class and I am sure you've been told the same thing. Why do we do them? Why do we wa

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