May 1, 2010

A Report from Research Agenda Conference (RAC)

Posture Documentation

I Want to Change the World!


A Report from Research Agenda Conference (RAC)

Co-founder and CEO, Activator Methods International ¦ I rixrntly ai ii:ndi:d him Associa­tion oi Chiropractic Colleges' an- NIA1. RlSRAKCII AciRNFJA CoNFF.RRNCF. (RAC) in Las Vixjas. The confer­ence, which focused on the relation­ship between chirop


Posture Documentation

I T HAS OFTEN BF.F.N STATED, "PoSTURK IS A Window to the Spine." For the doctor that utilizes posture analysis, this is a true statement because an accurate posture analysis will comparably match an X-ray analysis. True, an X-ray will reveal far mor


I Want to Change the World!

Interview With Dr. Dennis Woggon "Within the next 10 years, I want young women worldwide to be spared the pain and indig­nity of medieval braces and the horrors of scoliosis surgery." Dennis Woggon. D.C. Dr. Dennis Woggon has been an outstanding chi


World's Best Technique

T IlKRi; AR1-: BASICALLY TWO TYI'liS of chiropractors: those con­cerned with collecting spines and those who aren't. Truth­fully, the latter group probably won't even bother reading this article. Since you're here, I'll assume you have at least some


Child Development and Structural Support

T HK MOST COMMON QUESTIONS PARENTS ASK US INVOLVE CON-cerns over proper development of their children. These developmental questions can spur from anxiety about height, weight, muscle and skeletal development. One area 1 am asked about quite frequen


Care Plans that Take Total Control of How the Insurance Companies Look at Your Practice

O vi-r mi: past n:w yi:ars it has mainly been Medi­care carriers, CERT re­viewers and the Office of Inspector General as the main watchdogs to create havoc within the profession performing post payment reviews and going into offices to retrieve pati


Idiopathic Wrist Pain

Terry R. Yochum, D.C, D.A.C.B.R., Fellow, A.C.C.R., and Chad J. Maola, D.C. History This young adult male patient complains of wrist pain after physical activity. Plain film radiographs showed no abnormalities of any of the bones of the wrist, nor w


Part 2: Health Information Technology Defines Meaningful Use (Part 2 of a 3-Part series)

T ill: NEXT FIVE YEARS WILL HE VITAL IN the adoption of electronic health records and the ex­pansion of health information technology. The mean­ingful use of EHR's is now being defined through the HITECH Act, and its definition will determine who qu


Spinal Technicians: Necessary Component for Chiropractic Management

T in: discussion or Chiropractic suc­cess and its varied components has been a major topic of discussion since I can remember. My first exposure was in 1972 when I was sent to Parker Seminars as conducted by Jimmy Parker. D.C. in Las Vegas. The firs


Haldeman Biography Now Available

As a leading supporter of the chiropractic profession, NCMIC is proud to have underwritten the biography of Scott Halde­man, D.C., Ph.D., M.D., FRCP(C), FAAN, FCCS(C), one of the chiropractic profession's most influential individuals in recent years

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