September 1, 2008


Florida Chiropractic Association's National Convention Expo 2008

30 Year Anniversary Publisher's Party



IN THIS ISSUE.... I t's our annual look at the latest in technology and software! To help get your practice running at full speed (or keep it there), you'll find the best and latest software programs you can use to help in every stage of your patien


Florida Chiropractic Association's National Convention Expo 2008

The American Chiropractor recently attended the Florida Chiropractic Association's (FCA's) Annual National Convention in Kissimmcc. Florida, this past August 21-24th, 2008. This is one of our favorite annual seminars forseeng the latest products and


30 Year Anniversary Publisher's Party

K icking off The American Chiropractor's 30 year anniversary celebration, this year at the FCA, we also held a small cocktail party for our advertisers, authors, and friends on Friday evening after the classes closed. At TAC's Cocktail Party... 1. K


The Whiplash Effect on Soft Tissues

TITLE: A Distinct Pattern of Myofascial Findings in Patients after Whiplash Injury CITATION: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabili­tation. Volume 89, Issue 7, July 2008, Pages 1290-1293. AUTHORS: Thierry Ettlin, MD; Corina Schuster, MPtS, PT; R


Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Over 20 million Americans suffer from thyroid disorder. Yet estimates suggest that at least 10 million women with a low-grade thyroid dysfunction go undiagnosed. They simply fall through the cracks. Do you have patients that complain of chron­ic fat


Dr. Lester Bryman & The 50 Year Evolution of Nutrition Response Testing

In 1958 he was the Only One.... Fifty years ago, when Dr. Lester Bry-man began his career, he felt like he was the only practitioner in his field that thought or talked about a nutrition oriented practice: No one he knew ever wondered about the ther


The Paperless Office: Fact or Fiction?

W hat Electronic Health Records Offer, Now and in the Future Some call it the paperless practice, some the digital practice, and some just simply say, "EHR." Whatever you call the digital system that is going to man­age your records, do not call it


Baby Steps to Business Success

Many doctors business people, achieve their greatest successes in unexpected areas. They begin a project or business plan and then they find that it isn't as profit­able as they had anticipated, so they change direction, using their experience and t


Schmorl's Nodes

TITLE: The Pathogenesis of Schmorl's Nodes in Relation to Acute Trauma CITATION: Spine, Volume 23(21), 1 November 1998, pp2272-2275. AUTHORS: Fahey, V. MBBS; Opeskin, K., FRCPA, MBBS; Silberstein, M. MD, FRACR; Anderson, R., FRCPA, MRCPath; Briggs,


Deal with Investigators from a Position of Strength

I was contacted recently by a special investigator for Farmers Insurance and what began somewhat confrontationally proceeded to a successful outcome for both of us. The reason this was possible is because I was confident of my position and did not h

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