July 1, 2008


News Byte Jury Finds Malicious Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

Erosive Osteoarthritis



IN THIS ISSUE.... Find out how to help care for one of the biggest consumer markets with our special feature on "Taking Care of Baby Boomers." Several of our authors this month provide you with information on how to attract, treat and position your


News Byte Jury Finds Malicious Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

Former employees liable for damages and permanently enjoined June 12, 2008—Sombra Cosmetics Inc. ("Sombra"), based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a manufacturer of a unique natural pain relieving gel sold under the brands Sombra* and Sore No More",


Erosive Osteoarthritis

History: This female patient complains of pain at the base of her thumb. An X-ray reveals what? EROSIVE OSTEOARTHRITIS General considerations: This is a distinctive clinical and radiographic variant of de­generative joint disease first delineated by


Adverse Drug Rates Shocking!

Development, Testing, and Findings of a Pediatric-Focused Trigger Tool to Identify Medication-Related Harm in US Children's Hospitals Pediatrics \ April 2008; Volume 121, Number 4; pp. e927-e935 Glenn S. Takata, MD; Wilbcrt Mason. MD. MPH; Carol Tak


The Evolution of Mood Disorder Wonder Drugs

Prior to tin; 20th ct.ntury, mood disordi-irs and mrntal illness were treated with a variety of obscure and often barbaric methods including frontal lobotomics (with no anesthesia), exorcisms, and shamanistic potions. Dr. Benjamin Rush, the "father


Chiropractic and Prescription Drug Use

Part II: Fibromyalgia Fl B R O M Y A L G I A IS Till- MOST common widespread pain condition in the United States, yet its causes are still not fully known. While both men and women can expe­rience fibromyalgia, 80 percent to 90 percent of those diag



DOCTORS, LOOK AROUND YOUR OFFICI-, CLEAR OUT Till-: deadwood and do something different that will change lives and your practice. Decide what type of practice you want and what type of patients you want to serve. Find out as much as you can about th


Baby Boomer's Nutrition: A SuperFood Solution?

As far as nutrition is concerned, if you eat right you can't go wrong. Jack Lalanne, To Your Health, December 2007 Most all of us who are baby boomers know of Jack LaLanne. Some of you who, like me, started paying attention to nutrition back in the


Prostate Problems? Hidden In More Ways Than One

A N AVERAGE MAN WILL GO THROUGH THE FIRST FOUR DECADES OF HIS LIFE GIVING very little, if any, thought to his prostate. In fact, a poll conducted in 2007 showed that nine out of ten men did not know what the prostate gland was even though prostate d


Supporting Baby Boomers

ACiE IS JUST A NUMBER, BUT FOR THE "BABY BOOMER" generation that number could have a huge impact on 1 your practice. As Baby Boomers age, they are more likely to need your help to adjust to the many changes going on in their bodies. Since Boomers ma

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