February 1, 2008



The Five Common Neurological Complaints of Pregnancy



W- HAT CAMI: FIRST, Till; CHICKI-N OR Till- IXiG??? WI-XL, THAT'S a question that continues to baffle even the wisest sage. This issue, you will have the chance to contemplate just that question, as the features are Neurology, Pediatrics, and Matern



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The Five Common Neurological Complaints of Pregnancy

FOR MANY YHARS, I IIAVi: IIKLPI-ID LITERALLY hundreds of pregnant women with everything from breech presentations to carpal tunnel syndrome. I have encoun­tered basically five common neurological complaints that frequent this part of our population.


Neurology & Chiropractic

Interview with Professor Frederick Carrick, DC, Ph.D. Frederick Robert Carrick, D.C., Ph.D., is the Distinguished Post Graduate Professor of Clinical Neurology at Logan University and is Parker College of Chiropractic's Professor Emeritus of Neurolo


The Law on Vaccine Religious Exemptions

A GROWING NUMBER OF PARKNTS AND HEALTHCARE professionals around the world have questioned mass immunization policies in recent years, spawning a grow­ing interest in legal exemptions. Vaccines arc mandated in all U.S. states and territories, but eac


A Breakthrough in Bringing Chiropractic to the Children of the World

Each yi:ar, childri-n ari; uivrriNCi sicki;r in our country and around the world. Every child­hood disease is sky rocketing. The rate of asthma has doubled in the last ten years, up over 400 percent. In fact, 16 percent of all school-age children ha


CHIROPRACTIC HOMEOPATHY The Armamentarium for Natural Pediatric Health

HOMEOPATHY OFFERS CHIROPRACTIC A GREATER ARMAMEN-tarium than any other adjunct to quickly, safely, and naturally nip the potpourri of children's health problems in the bud. It empowers chiropractors to broaden their scope of effective pediatric prac


What Works/What Doesn't

EVERYDAY, COUNTLRSS PATIENTS CONSULT chiropractors seeking a solution for their problems. While some doctors confine themselves to purely symptomatic care, others will recommend treatment well beyond simple relief of pain. Such programs are typicall


Recurring Calf Strains

History and Presenting Symptoms The patient is a 32-year-old mom, who also works part-time at the local middle school, where she is the school nurse. She reports numerous episodes of aching and tightness in her right calf over the past three years.


The Type 2 Diabetic Dilemma part II

I T's ESTIMATED THAT, BY THE YRAR 201 0, SOME FORTY PERCENT of Americans sixty-five or older will have adult-onset diabetes. Diabetes was a rare illness in the United States in 1880, with only 2.8 persons out of every 100,000 having diabetes. The ri

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