September 1, 2007


Moving from an Insurance or Cash Practice to a CASH-Like Practice

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis


Moving from an Insurance or Cash Practice to a CASH-Like Practice

IF YOU HAVE HEARD, "l CAN'T AFFORD IT," MORE THAN A FEW times from a patient, you may have, as a knee-jerk reac­tion, actually believed what you heard and begun to adopt financial policies in your practice to meet everybody's limited financial statu


Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

HISTORY This 50-ycar-old female patient presents with a six-month history of lower back pain without peripheral radiation. DISCUSSION Degenerative spondylolisthesis (Type III) has been referred to as a "pseudospondylolisthesis" by Junghans, to diffe


The Whey to Enhancing Glutathione Our Most Powerful Endogenous Antioxidant and Detoxifier

GI.UTATIIIOM-: IS VV1UIXY FOUND IN ALL FORMS OF LIFR AND PLAYS an essential role in the health of organisms, particularly aerobic ones. In humans, animals, and plants, glutathione is the predominant non-protein sulfhydryl group and functions most es


A Man of Many Hats

CHRISTOPHER KENT, D.C., Esq Christopher Kent is a Doctor, a Lawyer, an Author, a Researcher, an Inventor and a Wellness Revolutionary Chiropractic Leadership Alliance's versatile Co-Founder is one the most influential minds that the profession has e


The Many Clinical Faces of Protein Deficiency

II II III CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSION WERE TO "DISCOVER THE SECRET" of improving protein digestion and assimilation, it could transform the health care marketplace almost overnight! That is not an exaggeration. Almost impossible to detect in its early s


Creating a New Reality

THF. GREAT GERMAN PHILOSOPHER MARTIN HEIDEGGER HAS SAID that the threat that hangs over humanity comes from within. It comes because man wills himself against the flow of nature, when he is actually meant to live with it and within it. We have only


Syndrome X and C-reactive Protein

SYNDROME X IS MOST EASILY VIEWED AS A PRE-DIABETIC STATE, as it is characterized by hyperinsulinemia and hypergly-cemia. Syndrome X can initially exist without symptoms and, as it progresses, symptoms such as fatigue can develop, which are considere


Excuse me, can we talk about poop? Safe Solutions for Irritable

Bowel Syndrome NOT NFXESSAR1LY THE BEST TOPIC FOR A COCKTAIL PARTY, I agree. However, for over 40 million Americans who have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bowel movements are an important topic. Some experts report that irritab


Supplemental Programs Offer Invaluable Training for TCC's Interns

TI-XAS CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE'S SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING programs have become an invaluable extension of the college's curriculum. Interns in their final trimester are eligible to participate in the Hospital Rotation Program or in the Prcccptorship Progr

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