July 1, 2007


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Prostate Osteoblastic Metastasis



IN THIS ISSUE.... I t's our annual Technology and Software issue! That means this issue is packed with exciting infor­mation on the latest advancements of diagnostic and management tools that will help streamline your practice so you can provide bet


Prostate Osteoblastic Metastasis

HISTORY This 60-year-old male patient pres­ents with a history of prostate cancer with surgical removal. Note the metal­lic clips in the pelvic basin consistent with prostatectomy. There are multiple "snowball" areas of blastic metastasis scattered


Truth in Advertising?

Creating Demand for Prescription Drugs: A Content Analysis of Television Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Annals of Family Medicine Vol. 5, No. 1, January/February 2007 by Dominick L. Frosch, Ph.D., Patrick M. Krueger, Ph.D., Robert C. Hornik, Ph.D.,


Low-Level Laser Therapy: The Cold Laser: The Most Versatile Healthcare Tool of the 21st Century

Introduction I The cold laser suggests a way to reduce the mush­rooming seven billion dollar costs of healthcare and lost productivity caused just by carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, back and neck dysfunctions that occur in the fa


Why Electronic Notes Make Sense

I owa Chiropractor Dr. Lauri Wondra has been using a tablet PC-based automated practice manage­ment system for only a few months, but she is already on the way to her goal of doubling her patient volume to fifty visits per day. She hand-scribes some


Could New Scanner Redefine Wellness Care?

I T SEEMS, AT SOME TIME IN THE EARLY 90 's, the buzzword throughout the natural healthcare market became antioxiclanls. Have a cold; grab an antioxidant.... Car is rusting; rub an antioxidant wax on it.... Forgot to pay your bills...take an antioxid


The Economic Interest of EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

T HE PRIMARY ACHIEVEMENT ELECTRONIC MEDICAL Records (EMR) lay claim to is to save time. Everyone knows, time is money; so which of these products is best for you and your patients? The EMR technology is quite advanced already but, because it is so r


Vibrational Therapy How does it work for exercise?

I N TI IF. LAST ISSUE OF THE AMERICAN CHIROPRACTOR, I focused primarily on the issue of intergrating Whole Body Vibration (WBV) into your daily office procedures. When we, as Doctors of Chiro­practic, are recommending a particular therapy to our pat


YOUR Credibility under Construction

H OW IMPORTANT A ROLE DOES CREDIBILITY PLAY in the marketing of your chiropractic clinic? Surprisingly, answers will vary depending on whom you talk to in our profession. A doctor who uses gimmicks, freebies, and deeply dis­counted fees to lure pati

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