April 1, 2007


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IN THIS ISSUE.... H AVE YOU PLANNED OUT WHICH SEMINARS YOU AND your staff will be attending this year? With the large amount of seminars for you to choose from all year long, to help you decide where your time and money is best spent, Dr. Fred DiDom


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T HK OTHER DAY, OUR OFFICE assistant informed us that a particular parent had decided to stop having her baby adjusted. When the mother and I discussed this, she told me she had taken her baby to the pediatrician and was told that "there was no reas


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Cervical Spine Manipulation Alters Sensorimotor Integration: A Somatosensory Evoked Potential Study Clinical Neurophysiology February 2007 Feb;118(2):391-402 by Haavik-Taylor H, Murphy B OBJECTIVE: To study the immediate sensorimotor neurophysiologi


The Importance of X-Rays in Today's Chiropractic Practice

Rarely, will a doctor utilize quality biomechanical information as seen on X-rays, interpret and communicate it effectively to the patient, and use the biomechanical defects as the objectives for care, recommending more than just the elimination of


Attending Seminars: Is it Worth it?

Is it Worth it? M UCH OF WHAT WE NRRD to learn about running a successful practice is not taught in chiropractic col­lege. That's why seminars and conferences—held by practice management groups, consul­tants and associations—have become vital to chi


Maximizing Your Seminar Investment

Investment T HERE ARE A FEW THINGS YOU MUST do before you book your next practice management weekend so that you can maximize the return on your investment (ROI). When you attend a weekend seminar, you're giv­ing up your precious time so that you'll



D EPENDING UPON WHERE YOU WERE IN THE WORLD FEB. 22-24"', it may have seemed like any other weekend.... Oh, yeah, the electricity did crash throughout the Midwest but, seriously, this seems to happen every three to four years; so, if you were there,


Social Events Welcome Champaign Fiesta

As a welcome to CHIROPRACTIC *07, on Wednesday, February 21st, all the attendees, speakers and exhibitors were invited to a "Champagne Fiesta" at the pool area of the Sheraton Panama Hotel and Convention Center. Gala Dinner The closing event was the


Exhibitor Area

During the three days that the Sympo­sium was held, attendees had the opportu­nity to visit the booths of twenty-seven of the most well known vendors specializing in chiropractic, healthcare and services; all of them in one place. Exhibitors Say....


Still Going Strong Interview with L. John Faye, D.C

Unable to accept the dogmatic model of the subluxation complex as was taught in his Chiropractic Doctorate program, Dr. Leonard John Faye embarked on a journey to explain the remarkable results he was experiencing with his patients through a multi-d

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