February 1, 2007


All Kudos for Dr. Ulan

Malic Acid and Fibromyalgia



IN THIS ISSUE.... It's our annual Practice Management issue! That's right, the New Year's parties are over and this issue will help make sure you're set to make this the best year ever. Starting with our cover story interview, you'll be inspired by


Malic Acid and Fibromyalgia

Reference Treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome with Malic Acid and Magnesium: A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, crossover pilot study Journal of Rheumatology, May 1995;22(5):953-8 Russell IJ, Michalek JE, Flechas JD, Abraham GE. Key Poin


Axial Decompression New Wave of Treatment

WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THIS NEW WAVE OF TREATMENT called axial decompression, spinal decompression and or IDD Therapy? Is it truly the greatest thing next to sliced bread (for the treatment of back or neck pain) or is it just a passing trend? Axial d


Chiropractic in the NFL

Neurological Restoration of Proper Breathing Pattern and Neurokinetics in an Elite Professional Athlete Utilizing Motion Palpation, Chiropractic, and Trigenics( Being a Sports Chiropractor since 1990, I have treated a melange of elite pro athletes,


Starting at the Top: Getting Your Head Space Right

TIIKRIi ARF. LOTS OF WAYS TO SUCCEED in a chiropractic practice. As they say, there is "more than one way to skin a cat." Family practices, high vol­ume practices, wellness practices, sports performance, DC/PT practices—any of them can be highly suc


New Patients An Effective Plan controls the actions of you and your staff by having

programs you do on set days each month. TO MANAGE, PER WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY, MEANS TO CONTROL. Areas of your practice are cither managed properly or improperly. They are either in control or out of control. If you ever felt new patients were out of


The Zen of Dr. Zinberg

Interview with Elisa Zinberg, D.C. DR. ELISA ZINBERG, an experienced corporate executive, management consultant, educator and lecturer, is Chief Operating Ofificer (COO) for The Masters Circle, the nation's largest leadership coaching, practice buil


How Can I Show the True Value of Chiropractic Care?

YOUR PRACTICE PHILOSOPHY CAN influence how you present chiro­practic to your patients, regard­less of whether you went to a more philosophical chiropractic school or you went to school that did not emphasize the chiropractic philosophy, as much can


Should You Start a Practice from Scratch or Purchase an Existing One? Starting a New Practice VI

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING STARTING your own practice or purchasing an existing practice, ponder these points before you plunge in. The Advantages of Starting a Practice from Scratch You work for yourself, set your own rules and office hours, see as man

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