October 1, 2006


Safety in the Family Chiropractic Practice

The Law of Cause and Effect



In this issue... Our front cover features a very active member in the chiropractic profession. Dr. Patrick Gentempo, CEO of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. A true visionary, he states his ambitious "goal for the chiropractic profession is simp


Safety in the Family Chiropractic Practice

I AM FREQUENTLY ASKED, "WHAT ARE THE safety concerns for children in the chi­ropractic practice?" Having spoken with several chiropractic malpractice insurance earners, the real is­sue of safety in the care of children comes outside the scope of car


The Law of Cause and Effect

THi-: Law ok Causi-: and Effect states that everything happens fora reason. Every moment of activity or inactiv­ity produces consequences. The conscious and unconscious choices you make cause corresponding efleets in your life. The Law works the sam


A Man with Insight

'LUJim/i/////// CLA and Its Insight Subluxation Station™ Discovery Model: Will it change the way you practice and how consumers perceive the chiropractic profession? 1 \ PATRICK GENTEMPO JR D . C HE WAS A POPULAR, CHARISMATIC HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. A


Are Your Shoes Killing You?

DURING MY EARLY YF.ARS OF PRACTICE, WHILE WORKING WITH youth sports, I met an Athletic Trainer named Bob Ragsland ("Rags"). He had been working with college athletes for many years and emphasized to me the importance of proper equipment fitting. I s


Are You Selling Your Practice--and Your Future--Short??

WHILE WE WORK with many types of small business owners, chiropractors are our favorites. However, as we have worked with them, we have discov­ered that, like many other small business owners, doctors face the problem of properly evaluating their bus


Medical Necessity and the Role of Diagnostic Tests

WAS IT BKNIiFIClAL i-or the chiroprac­tic profession to participate in the third par­ty payer system (insurance system) of healthcare? I believe the answer to that question lies in the consumer perspective. If 1 don't hear it today or this week, I w


A Call to Arms: "Victimized or Victorious?"

IT IS NO SECRET THAT Till- NUM-ber of post-payment audits from insurance companies is increasing by the month. In just the last month, I have talked with a number of chiropractors that have been forced to return between $80,000 and $300,000 in payme


Knock Out Arthritis, Autoimmune Diseases, and Wrinkles

THROUGHOUT THR CRNTURIRS, ONE OF THK MOST PRESSING goals for medical researchers has been to find more effective ways to diminish pain. As medicine enters the twenty-first century, we are still seeking a perfect pain reliever with no side effects. A


Healthy Mind & Homeopathy

A HEALTHY MIND IS SOMETHING WH ALL want. No matter what stage of mental health we may be in at the moment, there is always room to grow per­sonally. We all can proactively grow with the benefits of homeopathy. The rewards are a more successful and f

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