August 1, 2006

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Your Letters, E-mails and Comments

An Associateship that Works Starting a New Practice III


In this issue...

A re you ready for this issue of TAC? Jumping in head first, you MUST READ the "Hot Topic" feature story on "Chiropractic Best Practices' Chain Reac­tion" starting on page 50. Whether you're aware of it or not. the profession is facing a real crossr


Your Letters, E-mails and Comments

Reader Not Convinced Dr. Tedd Korcn titles his technique article "Do Cra­nial Bones Move? (Ask the Italians)" in the June 2006 issue of The American Chiro­practor. He does not address the question in his article, however. Except for directing us to


An Associateship that Works Starting a New Practice III

The Tandem Associateship, Two Doctors Successfully Treating The Same Patients. In the previous article of this, "How To Start A Prac­tice" series, I discussed the "Associateships from Hell." Unfortunately, most starting doctors get trapped in bad as


Organize Your Life

GAIN OR REGAIN ORDER WHERE YOU live and work.. A well ordered, easy-to-main tain environment greatly enhances your effectiveness and creativity. If you are distracted by disor­ganized commitments and clutter, you'll find it difficult to give your wo


Functional Chiropractic Collaborations

THIS FALL, THE INTERNATIONAL Clll-ropractic Pediatric Association is pleased to announce its collabora­tion with Pangea, a holistic practitioner conference for pediatric wellness. From their conference overview, they distinctly recognize that, "Prof


Medical Manipulation or Chiropractic Adjusting?

CHIROPRACTIC CAN Bl- PRACTICED RITHRR EMPIRICALLY OR mechanistically. How could that be? Why is it impor­tant? Chiropractic's approach to healthcare is similar to the empiri­cal approach of classical homeopathy, classical osteopathy and other "holis


The Quest for Athletes' Peak Performance Interview with George LeBeau, D.C.

Dr. George Le Beau is a 1972 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles. His thirty-four years of continuous private practice have been devoted, in large part, to the treatment of athletes from Gymboree toddlers to the Senior Olympics


How to Build a Sports

Health Care Practice Preface In business, "toke wa karinary" is the Japanese term for "time is money." The Japanese feel that maximizing these two factors is the key to the suc­cess of any endeavor,' especially the sports health care practice. Many


Build Your Practice with Active Therapeutic Movements

(An Introduction to the ATM2) Active Treatment Strategies Improve Patient Outcome & Clinic Profits Building a profitable practice takes the right equipment, skills and a commitment to excellence. Certainly central to that is a clear, results-oriente


Some Tips for Handling Personal Injury Patients from the Lawyer's Perspective

Pre-Existing Injuries and why they increase the value of an injury claim! An all too common problem is the patient with pre-existing conditions or injuries who comes to you for care after a car crash. You may ask, how should this be handled? Very of

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