July 1, 2006

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Kudos for the "Preventing Recurring Subluxations with Nutrition" Article

Vertebra Plana: What Is the Real Cause?


In this issue...

I t's our annual Technology and Software issue! This year, our cover story features a true leader in the chiropractic profession, as well as in technology and software. Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, President and CEO of Pro Adjuster, a company with a hig


Kudos for the "Preventing Recurring Subluxations with Nutrition" Article

Thanks for printing the article on Nutrition Response Testing [May 2006]. I have found the same results with chronic subluxations using nutritional work. I find that they often respond when the correct nutritional program is implemented. I think the


Vertebra Plana: What Is the Real Cause?

History This 12-year-old male patient presents with neck pain, following heading a soc­cer ball. Discussion Eosinophilic granuloma is the least severe but most common (60-80%) of all the histiocytoses.12 Peak incidence comes between the ages of 5 an


Assessing the Need for Chiropractic Care in Children

M any Doctors of Chiropractic become intimidated with the idea of working with children and often shy away from offering their services to this very needy popula­tion. Frequently, chiropractors do not care for children because the child cannot verba


The Lingering Effects of Whiplash

Whiplash injury and oculomotor dysfunctions:' clinical-posturographic correlations . European Spine Journal March 22, 2006 Roberto Stoiaci, Alessandro Manelli, Nicola Schiavone, Lucia Mangia, Giangiacomo Prigione and Simone Sangiorgi FROM ABSTRACT:


Gaining Balance

I 'VK LEARNliD SOMH STRATEGIES that have helped me simplify my own life and gain more balance. Look for opportuni­ties to apply them to your cir­cumstances. It is perfectly acceptable to say, "No." If you are constantly telling others and yourself t


The Posture of Subluxations: Subluxations Are State Specific

The subluxation often reveals itself when a person is in a posture of physical (or emotional) injury, pain and/or dysfunction. The subluxation is most amenable to loca- tion and correction in that posture. Y ears ago. Dr. Lowell Ward of Long Beach,


Up Close & Personal

DR. MAURICE A. PISCIOTTANO THE PROADJUSTER EDGE President & CEO Dr. Maurice Pisciottano tells THE AMERICAN CHIROPRACTOR'S Frank Corbo, D.C., about the philosophy behind the ProAdjuster, a company that many leaders in the profession believe is positi


Chiropractic and the Internet: Opportunity or Liability?

A CCORDING TO RECENT RESEARCH BY THE NON-PROFIT PEW Internet & American Life Project, seventy-nine percent of internet users have searched online for information on at least one major health topic. That translates to about 95 million American adults


Creating the Paperless Office

C laude Cote is the founder and president of Platinum System. He has been working with and dedicated to chiropractic for over twenty years. He is also a director on Quebec Chiropractic Foundation board and is involved in creating events to raise fun

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