June 1, 2006


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In this issue... I t's our annual College and Education Opportunities issue! As chiropractors, you are all connected and the more knowledge you have on what's happening in the schools to shape our future chiropractors, the more you can help to ensur


The Lingering Effects of Whiplash

Soft-tissue Injuries of the Cervical Spine 15-year Follow-up Reference: Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British) November 1996, Vol. 78-B, No. 6, pp. 955-7 B. Squires, M. F. Gargan, G. C. Bannister: From the University of Bristol, England KEY POI


Making an Informed Choice: Providing Resources for Parental Decisions for Wellness

I n the Western world, we pride ourselves on our freedom and ability to make choices in our lives. We can carefully evaluate many options in our lives and choose accordingly. Perhaps our greatest freedom (although not exercised by many) is our freed


Do Cranial Bones Move? (Ask the Italians)

W R WI^RP. TAUGHT IN SCHOOL THAT THE cranial bones are fused and do not move after infancy. That's because we weren't taught in Italian. What docs lan­guage have to do with it? Read on. Cranial motion was introduced to the osteo-pathic profession by


Warning; College May Be Harmful to Your Financial Health

I HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO VISIT QUITE A FEW OF THE CHIRO-practic colleges throughout the United States. I have seen large campuses and small campuses. I have seen colleges in the South, North, East, and West; in cold climates and in warm climate


Five College Presidents Set the Record Straight

See what the presidents ot these five Chiropractic Colleges have to say about today's most pressing issues: What are some of the challenges now facing chiropractic colleges and students? Here are the questions we asked: Student loan defaults: do you


Starting a New Practice To Be or Not to Be...an Associate

These eight questions will help you decide if you should become an associate or start your own practice. Are you inexperienced, but don't want outside help? Is your ego too big to pay for and listen to expert advice? Can you raise the money to start


Initial Draft of CCGPP Best Practice Document is Released

The Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP) has released the long-awaited initial draft of their Best Practice document. The culmi­nation of more than two years of work, the draft is intended to provide clinicians, patient

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