March 1, 2006


How to Treat & Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Using Enzyme Therapy


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The Upper Thoracic Hump Pattern (and fixing it with Koren Specific Technique)


How to Treat & Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Using Enzyme Therapy

O vi:r tiii: last decade, type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in our country, affecting 16 million Americans. However, it has been my clinical experience that enzyme therapy coupled with specific lifestyle and di


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The Upper Thoracic Hump Pattern (and fixing it with Koren Specific Technique)

"Patients are concerned about their humps and are very motivated to get them fixed. They should be." "Doctor, I've been worried about my hump. Will it get worse? Can you fix it?" Unlike the better-known dowager's hump, the upper thoracic hump (see p

Practice Management

Require New Associates to "Earn" Partner Status

O ITi:N I AM ASKI:.I), "HOW DO I PAY ASSOCIATE PARTNERS? HOW do I pay a medical doctor? Do I make them partners?" The world of healthcare is changing. More and more clinics arc becoming group practices. Whether integrating with a DC, a PT or an MD,

Integrative Healthcare

Multi-Strain Flu Prevention & Correction with Homeopathy

0 VI1R Till-: PAST 200 YKARS, IIOMKOPATHY HAS DI-VKI.OPIID A proven track record against the flu, ranging from the basic bug to the many epidemics and pandemics of his­tory. In fact, the spectacular ability of homeopathy to outperform allopathic tre


Exercise for Healthy Aging

There is now a wealth of data that supports the value of aerobic and resistance exercise for the geriatric population.

In Brief

Compression Fractures

History: This 60-year-old male patient presents with acute lower thoracic pain alter a fall while skiing. Axial flexion compression force occurred during this fall. The radiographic examination demonstrates how many compression fractures? Are these

Seminar Circuit

CHIROPRACTIC'06 All Rave Reviews!

Over 150 Attendees • 39 Speakers • 28 Vendors Came to Panama for Chiropractic '06, FeP. 12-15 S PONSORED BY TllE AMERICAN CHIROPRACTOR MAGAZINE AND Co-Sponsored by The World Federation of Chiropractic, this seminar brought technique developers, expe

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neck. Clinic that Treated Coretta Scott King Closed MEXICO: Mexican health officials shut down th alternative medicine clinic where Coretta Scott King died, in early February, saying the doctors there were us­ing unproven treatments and were never l


Adjusting Table Shopping Guide Great Tables for Every Budget

We contacted all of the major adjusting table manufacturers in the chiropractic profession for information and prices on their best selling tables. We ended up with over a dozen of the best tables you can get at prices that vary from the top of the

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