December 1, 2005


Get Primal! Primal Perception: Accessing Extraordinary Perceptual Abilities

A Glitch in the Matrix



In this issue... It's the holiday season! Definitely the best time of the year, when we celebrate the past and look forward to the New Year ahead! I'm happy to say that all of our hard work this year has paid off! Your participation and loyal reader


Get Primal! Primal Perception: Accessing Extraordinary Perceptual Abilities

Dr. Robert "Rick" Wicgand graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1980 and entered into private practice. Early on in practice, he became intrigued with the question of how the human neural system processes very subtle types of stimuli. In


A Glitch in the Matrix

A recent paper released by the ICA Pediatrie Council and written by Dr. Joan Fallon, "A matrix for chiropractic care," has many family practitioners up in arms about its validity and intent. The following is a brief response from the International C


Share Your Values

Share your # I value on a regular basis: your ideas about health and your profes­sion—the outcomes you desire for your patients and practice. Your number one value drives what you expect from your employees—their job descriptions. It also drives wha


Women & Hypertension

Reference: Epidemiology Non-Narcotic Analgesic Dose and Risk of Incident Hypertension in US Women Hypertension September 2005;46:500. The journal Hypertension is owned by the American Heart Association. John P. Forman; Meir J. Stampfer; Gary C. Curh


A Non-Surgical Approach to Chronic Knee Pain

History and Presenting Symptoms The patient is a 41 -year-old male, who describes persistent pain and occasional stiffness in his left knee, which is not associated with any specific activity. He reports several years of recurring episodes of medial


Top Three Inexpensive Rehab Tools to Make Your Practice Better

THE TIME HAS COME TO SAY GOODBYE, AS THIS IS OUR LAST column of this series for The American Chiropractor. We've discussed a variety of ideas and methods that you can employ to improve your practice. But sometimes we're asked, "If there were just a


Thoughts on Active Care

D OCTORS OF CHIROPRACTIC HAVE ALWAYS BEEN INTERF.STED IN returning patients to normal function rapidly. Histori­cally. DCs have avoided bed rest, immobilization, and extended time off work. Our approach is supported by most of the recent research on


Is it Still Possible to go to Jail for Chiropractic?

THERE HAS BEEN A LOT OF NEWS LATELY ABOUT WHAT might happen to non-medical health care if the controversial Codex Alimcntarius regulations are enacted in the U.S. Many critics arc concerned that the Codex Guidelines are a serious threat to continued


Featuring Thomas A. Gelardi, D.C. Interim President of Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic

Thomas A. Gelardi, D.C.. Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic's founder and first president, is interim president at Sherman. Gelardi founded the college in 1973, fulfilling a long-standing dream of advancing the chiropractic profession centered

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