November 1, 2005


Weighing the Costs Between Standard Film or Computed Radiography

Light Therapy: Making the Right Choice



In this issue... Dr. Ellen Cutler graces our front cover this month with the BioSET technique which she has spent over 25 years developing. You will soon be seeing much more of this incredible woman on some high profile news networks, as her newest


Weighing the Costs Between Standard Film or Computed Radiography

CHIROPRACTIC OFFICES HAVE TRADITIONALLY KEPT PACL WITH other medical practices in their use of technology. From patient records to billing, many chiropractors are better managing patient care, thanks to evolving technology. More and more technologic


Light Therapy: Making the Right Choice

CHOOSING THE RIGHT LASER KOR YOUR LIGHT THERAPY CAN BE extremely confusing, because the literature available on light therapy is not only confusing but contradictory. Laser light has unique physical properties that no other light source or LED has.


Umbrella Filter- A Radiographic Artifact

Discussion Patients with a longstanding history of thrombophlebitis and stasis varicositics arc predisposed to the development of blood clots and have a higher risk factor for the development of pulmonary embolus. This metallic umbrella filter is in


Case Management Flow Sheets

Managed care, multi-provider practices, and increased medicolcgal regulation require thorough clinical documentation. At the same time, the realities of business and reimbursement constraints necessitate that this documentation be as efficient as po


Timing Whiplash Recovery

Reference: The fluctuation in recovery following whiplash injury 7.5-year prospective review Injury Volume 36, Issue 6, June 2005, Pages 758-761 P.J. Tomlinson, M.F. Gargan and G.C. Bannister Key Points from Dan Murphy, D.C. 1. The psychological sym


Safety in Settlement

A patient received services from a doctor practicing in New Jersey but the patient neglected to pay the balance due. The doctor sued the patient for $4,397.10 plus costs and attorney fees. The patient did not dispute the amount due but stated that h


Post Partum Postural Considerations

Part One: For the Mother We can certainly see the need for regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy—the varied postural distor­tions with weight gain and an increase in the hormone relaxin bring many moth­ers-to-be into our offices seeking hel


Diagnostics as a Part of an Evidenced Based Chiropractic Practice

CHIROPRACTORS ATTEND FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE PROGRAMS THAT teach the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic—or do they? Currently, chiropractic colleges do a great deal to teach and to prepare chiropractors in the art. philosophy and delivery of the


Milk May Be a Driver of Diabetes

TWO SACRI-D COWS OF NUTRITION FOR THE PEOPLli OF THE United States have been bread and milk. The low carb craze has heightened the public's awareness about the dangers associated with refined starches, such as most cereals, breads, and pasta. Many p

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