October 1, 2005


5 Ways to Facilitate a "Paradigm Shift" in Your Patients




In this issue... t's all about seminars! With TAC's committed efforts to keep in close contact with you and the lat- - est advancements in the profession, we do extensive seminar participation. To that effect, we're actually putting on our own semin


5 Ways to Facilitate a "Paradigm Shift" in Your Patients

O NE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIMES IS WOODY ALLEN'S Annie Hall. At the end of the movie, Woody's character tells the story of a guy visiting a psychiatrist. "Doc, my brother is crazy; he thinks he is a chicken!" the guy says. "Why don't you bri



Where can you go to find information on ALL the best and latest techniques? Unbiased, Unedited, and Uncensored! D octor, for the first time ever! A seminar just for YOU on Technique, Healing, & the Tech­nologies that help validate them all!! Now in


Working Together Worldwide

Interview with David Chapman-Smith, Secretary General of the World Federation of Chiropractic D avid Chapman-Smith, a Toronto lawyer and author of The Chiropractic Profession (NCMIC Group, 2000) is Secretary-General of the World Federa­tion of Chiro


Effects of Kinetic Resistance Mobilization on "Frozen Elbow" Syndrome

ABSTRACT Introduction: This study presents an entirely new approach in the treatment of "Frozen Elbow" Syndrome (FES) using move­ment with resistance, Kinetic Resistance Mobilization (KRM). FES is described as a loss of nomial Range of Motion (ROM)


Wellness From The Inside Out

The Multi-billion Dollar Industry That's up For Grabs in Your Neighborhood "Hello, welcome to Wellncss...this is . I can help you." From the moment a new person calls our office, the smiling voice of our front desk person radiates and reflects the u


Insurance Coding: An Insider's Secrets

T ODAY S SliMINAR MARKCT IS FAR different than it was 10 years ago. Every time you turn around, there is another fax or letter telling you this seminar or group has what you need to make your practice bigger and better. Does it? Very seldom does a m


The Orthospinology Procedure

I 1IAVB HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO LECTURE ON THE SCIENCE, ART and philosophy of chiropractic to various crowds and venues for more than 10years. The attendees have ranged from several hundred to intimate one-on-one seminars of a half dozen. However, "C


Chiropractic Seminars--Time Worth Spending

C ONTINUING EDUCATION PROVIDES A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR professional growth that benefits you, your patients, and your practice. The top business leaders in the world agree that innovation is one of the most critical aspects of a successful business


Seminar Planning Handbook

The following list has been designed to be your Seminar Planning Handbook, so be sure to hold onto this information as a tool for selecting and planning your seminar experiences. Entities featured offer seminars appropriate to chiropractors througho

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