August 1, 2005


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University Study Finds FDA's Rx Actions Suspicious



In this issue... It's August and our 9th issue this year! Considering for the past few years TAC printed 7 issues per year, we're all very excited to be reaching you more fre­quently and, by your feedback, it's even more exciting to realize that we'


Transverse Process Fractures

Discussion Transverse Process Fractures Transverse process fractures arc the second most common fractures of the lumbar spine, with compression fractures being the most common. They occur usu­ally secondary to a severe hyperextension and lateral fle


Utilization Guidelines

We cannot escape regulation. Whatever we do in our practices requires that we learn our rights, scope of practice, standards of practice, and choice of therapies and modali­ties. Virtually no activity in clinical practice escapes regulation. However


Careless Use of Coding

In 1999, Dr. Joseph purchased a hydro therapy modality table, commonly known as a hydrobed, a water based massaging device which is more or less a bed upon which a patient lies for treatment. There being no specific current procedural terminology co


The Importance of Occipital Care in the Newborn

Having worked with infants for many years and being continuously frustrated by the effects of birth trauma to their delicate nervous systems, I have been drawn to deeper levels of analysis and correction. For many years, I relied on gentle, specific


Factors in Whiplash

Reference: Effects of abnormal posture on capsular ligament elongations in a computational model subjected to whiplash loading. Journal of Biomechanics Volume 38, Issue 6, June 2005, Pages 1313-1323 Brian D. Stemper, Narayan Yoganan- dan, and Frank


Sport-Specific Rehab

THE REHABILITATION PROCESS FOR INJURED ATHLETES IS OFTEN divided into three distinct phases: acute, recovery and functional.1 A comprehensive rehabilitation plan will include different types of exercises tailored for each of the three healing phases


Finding Common Grounds and Goals Thomas G. E. DePuydt, M.D.

Thomas Depuydt is an M.D. who specializes in Sports Medicine, and recognizes the importance of taking an integrated approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries. In an interview with The American Chiropractor (TAC), Dr. Depuydt discusses the "parad

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